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Alex is CEO and Founder of Rekener. Previously, he served as President and COO at ZeroTurnaround and as President of the Delta Division of BBN Technologies. At ZeroTurnaround, he grew high velocity inside sales by 6x in 3 years. At BBN, Alex co-founded RAMP and AVOKE, both recurring SaaS businesses based on BBN's world class speech recognition and natural language processing tech. Alex started his entrepreneurial career as founder and COO of NBX Corporation, which led the transformation of business telephone systems to Voice over IP. Alex’s companies have generated $500M in liquidity events and more than $1B in sales.

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Rekener cracks the code for sales efficiency in B2B with a customer data platform that automatically integrates data from multiple sources and transforms it so it into applications that can be used by sales managers to improve sales performance.

How to Crack the Code for Sales Efficiency in B2B

ALEX LAATS | Oct 03, 2019
Modern SaaS businesses all aspire for better sales efficiency. In "10 Laws of Cloud Computing," Bessemer Venture Partners describes sales efficiency as "oxygen" for your business.  It's an appropriately powerful metaphor. Without it, your business dies. Learn about the different ways to measure sales efficiency and the 2-part formula for using data to improve sales efficiency in your business. We'll review several different approaches and show you how Rekener can help.
Rekener enables data-driven sales coaching with Sales Rep Scorecards.  This blog post covers the business case and methodology that you need to succeed with data-driven sales coaching.

Business Case and Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Coaching

ALEX LAATS | Apr 19, 2019
Data-driven sales coaching can have a direct impact on quota achievement. If you're considering an investment to improve data-driven sales coaching, you'll need a business case to support the investment and a playbook to get you there. In this post, we'll give you hard numbers from the best research and share our recommendations.
Sales enablement teams are dealing with an explosion of B2B sales data.  Data about sales reps is now in the CRM, content distribution system, sales training platform, call recording system, sales engagement tools and spreadsheets.

The Explosion of B2B Sales Data for Sales Enablement

ALEX LAATS | Feb 11, 2019
Sales enablement has a data problem.  It's all about ramping up sales reps and improving performance over time.  But data about sales reps is all over the place.  In this blog post, I'll break down the datascape for sales enablement and then explore options for how to bring all this data together into a comprehensive view of sales reps.