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Create a sales rep dashboard

Creating a Sales Rep Dashboard

MIKE LAWSON | Nov 28, 2018

Dashboards are table-stakes for sales managers.  Sales managers need to know if they’re on track to hit their goals, and if not, which areas need the most attention.

One of the big issues with setting up a sales dashboard is that there are so many potential metrics out there, how do you possibly narrow it down to one screen?

My advice anytime I am setting up a dashboard for a client is to start by keeping it simple. Make sure that if you add a table or chart that it’s relevant toward the business goals you want to drive your sales team to.

Sales managers visibility into KPIs

Sales Rep Scorecards Allow Sales Managers To See the Big Picture

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 04, 2018

In order to be an effective sales manager, you need to be able to accurately gauge how your sales team is performing as a whole, as well as being able to track the performance of individual sales reps and provide meaningful feedback to them. You will never be able to help the team improve if you do not keep track of overall results, and you will never be able to give feedback that's valuable on an individual level if you do not keep track of key performance indicators and weight them appropriately to give an accurate picture of how each individual is performing.