How to Calculate Forecast Coverage

GREGORY KESHIAN | Mar 30, 2019

Forecast coverage measures your weighted forecast, relative to your quota for a given period of time.  To measure forecast coverage, you take your forecast for a period, and divide by your quota for that same time period.

For example, if a rep is forecasting $120,000 for Q2 and their quota for Q2 is $125,000, then their forecast coverage is $120,000 / $125,000 = 96%.  This rep is projecting to close 96% of their quota.

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

ALEX LAATS | May 10, 2018
Spreadsheets are amazing tools for intellectual analysis, but they become monsters when they get so complex that they can't be maintained at the fast pace of your growth business. Rekener is a customer data platform that uses dynamic metrics and tables to automate the analytical applications that you need to run your business.