sales performance scorecards

What a sales rep scorecard is and how it helps your business

How Sales Rep Scorecards Help Your Business

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 10, 2018

Tracking sales data is essential to keeping your team working at maximum efficiency. Looking at all the sales and marketing data you have, over long periods of time can give a company valuable insight into trends and pitfalls. But what if you want to look at data on a team-by-team or a rep-by-rep basis? A sales scorecard can condense information into an easily read format.  This helps management identify individual issues that may affect a team's long-term performance.

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

ALEX LAATS | May 10, 2018
Spreadsheets are amazing tools for intellectual analysis, but they become monsters when they get so complex that they can't be maintained at the fast pace of your growth business. Rekener is a customer data platform that uses dynamic metrics and tables to automate the analytical applications that you need to run your business.