Automated Sales Rep Reporting

All the KPI's you want to track.   Calculated automatically exactly the way you want.  Rolled up to all the right levels - reps, teams, roles and segments.

The easiest way to get exactly the sales KPI's you want - delivered to you daily

Everyone needs sales performance metrics, but nobody wants to spend hours every week calculating them in spreadsheets.  You don't have to!  Rekener makes it so simple to get the exact metrics you want, surfaced at exactly the right levels.  By rep, by team, by manager, by territory - or any other level.

For Sales Managers

Group sales rep by team for sales rep reporting

Rekener’s Automated Sales Rep Reporting gives you exactly the sales metrics you need, at the right level.  Compare performance of teams and reps against each other and compared to goals. Drill into a team or drill down to the rep level to pull in metrics for 1-1’s.  

Rekener’s Sales Rep Reporting is fully automated, so you can ditch your spreadsheets, and don't need to wait for your analytics team to pull the numbers together for weekly meetings.  Rekener is also perfect for monthly reviews and QBRs where you want to get the team focused on particular metrics.

Track metrics like calls, demos, opps, close rate and ASP by rep and team.  Also get views of pipeline generation and trending by your reps and teams.

You can connect Salesforce to Rekener in minutes and be off to the races with sales rep scorecards to take control of sales performance management.

For BizOps Teams

BizOps teams save time on reporting with Rekener

Rekener’s Automated Sales Rep Reporting will save you hours every week.  No need to export hundreds of Salesforce reports. No need for endless pivot tables and VLOOKUPs in Excel, trying to roll individual reps up to the right level.  

It's simple to group reps together into teams, or look at rep metrics individually. Save any set of reports or dashboards to send out to the teams you support.  Set these reports up to go out automatically, or give logins to the team so everyone has access to the data. 

Rekener works with all Salesforce fields and objects - even custom fields and custom objects. Building metrics is just as easy as using Excel, so you can create any of the KPI’s you want to track, without needing to know SQL, Python, magic tricks or any other dark arts.

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Use Cases in Action

Case Study - Thought Industries Scores Two Huge Wins With Sales Rep Scorecards

Thought Industries is a rapidly growing SaaS business in Boston.  They've achieved amazing visibility, reduced wasted time, and cured report overload with Sales Rep Scorecards.  Find out more about how they spend less time crunching data and more time crushing numbers in the case study!


Track Sales Rep Targets with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Tracking performance against targets for your sales reps can be challenging when using Salesforce or HubSpot as your CRM.  Often, the only way to do it is in Excel spreadsheets.  Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is an easy and flexible way to track performance of your team against their targets over time.  Read this whitepaper to learn more.


Get Sales Reps to Own Their Metrics

Read this whitepaper for best practices for instilling more ownership in your sales team in their sales metrics.  We cover several ways that businesses have successfully implemented process and software to achieve better performance by having reps monitor important KPIs.