Sales Rep Scorecards

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Sales Rep Scorecards automate everything you need for sales management - without endless spreadsheets, Salesforce or HubSpot CRM reports.

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Use Cases  

Sales Reporting

All your KPIs in one place


Sales Rep Scoring

Stack rank the team on overall performance


Pipeline Analysis

Know your conversion rates so you can fix bottlenecks


Sales 1-on-1s

Manage your team with metrics


Sales Team Management

Compare performance by team or role


Sales Reporting

Sales managers can use team dashboards to track sales rep performance and sales team performance

All your sales KPIs - all in one place.  No more hunting around Salesforce, HubSpot, or reports in spreadsheets.  Rekener tracks everything you need and shows it to you simply and easily.

View data for the whole company, by rep, or by team.  Trend KPIs over time, to measure improvement and spot issues.

Compare reps and their rankings so you can model what your best reps do, and compare everyone to that standard.

Sales Rep Scoring

Gain quick visibility into who on the team is performing best by scoring reps on multiple metrics.  Weight your KPIs any way you like, and score reps on overall performance, rather than one metric at a time.

Score BDRs on a combination of activity volume and conversion, ensuring that they are hitting the activity hard but are also making effective pitches.

Score AEs on pipeline, efficiency, and performance against quota.  Eliminate surprises and air bubbles in the pipeline by making sure AEs are well-rounded.

Pipeline Analysis

Pipeline funnel

Do you know your stage conversion rates?  Rekener can tell you.

Track opportunity conversion rates and cycle times from stage to stage, by rep, by team or for the entire sales org.  

No more guesswork around how many deals will convert and how long it will take to close them.  

Inspect pipeline by rep over time, to make sure reps are building enough pipeline and that it’s moving through your sales process.  Add quotas to the mix to track leading indicators like Pipeline Coverage.

Sales 1-on-1s

One place to go to run your sales 1-on-1s.  Use Sales Rep Scorecards as a regular part of your weekly 1-on-1 process to coach reps based on metrics.

Sales Rep Scorecards make it easy on your sales managers so they don’t have to hunt through dozens of reports in Salesforce or HubSpot, and they don’t have to use clunky spreadsheets.

Track activities, demos, pipeline, bookings, quota attainment, and efficiency metrics like ASP, Close Rates and Sales Cycles all in the same easy-to-use place.

Create dashboards for different roles (SDRs, AEs, AMs, etc), and use them for any rep.  No need to create a separate dashboard for every single member of the team.

All your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data is pulled in automatically, and shown together as one easy to use scorecard for your reps.

Sales Team Management

Sales Rep Scorecards can be used to manage all of your sales teams

Create Teams automatically, using your CRM Roles, Profiles, Hierarchy, or by just grouping reps together by name.

Sales managers get a birds-eye view of their team, which includes data rolled up to the team level as well as breakdowns by rep for comparison.  

See performance against targets for each sales team as a whole, and also drill down straight from the sales team scorecard into an individual rep’s performance.

Reps can be in multiple Teams if you want, so you can group together all the reps that have the same role, and also group together reps by their Team or Territory.

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  • All professional features, plus:
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  • Pipeline conversion history and pipeline flow
  • Integrate Google Sheets, CSV and other data sources

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration for Sales Rep Scorecard

Connect Salesforce to Rekener in minutes.

Connect Salesforce to Rekener in minutes and get your sales analytics automated.  Rekener connects to Salesforce over REST API and syncs data automatically.

Rekener gives you access to all of your Salesforce fields and objects - including custom fields and custom objects.  So you can create metrics that map specifically to your business process.

Create a Sales Rep Scorecard account, and sign in to Salesforce to get started now.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot CRM integration for Sales Rep Scorecard

Connect HubSpot CRM to Rekener in minutes.

Connect HubSpot to Rekener in minutes, and get up and running on the most flexible and powerful reporting tool for HubSpot CRM.  Gain insight into your sales efficiency and activity levels.

Create high-level reports to see overall trends and performance.  And drilldown straight into HubSpot CRM records like Contacts, Deals and Engagements.

Create a Sales Rep Scorecard account, and sign in to HubSpot to get started now.

Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets integration for Sales Rep Scorecards

Connect data from Google Sheets.

Connect any of your Google Sheets to Rekener to pull custom data into your Sales Rep Scorecards.

Track data that lives outside the CRM, like quotas and targets over time, or sales rep skills assessments.

Add new data to your Google Sheet and it syncs to Rekener automatically, so you can keep your data up-to-date at all times. Sync as many sheets as you like.

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