Sales Metrics to Track Daily

Sales Metrics to Track Daily

Sales Metrics to Track Daily

There are two categories of sales metrics to track daily.  These categories are Efforts and Results.  Efforts will show you the output that your reps are making -- are they performing the activities that will put them in position to succeed?  Results show you whether those efforts are working.

Metrics that Measure Effort

Here are 3 sales metrics to track daily Efforts:

  • Leads / contacts sourced

  • Accounts sourced

  • Calls

Reps have full control over these daily efforts, and there shouldn't be any reasons why they cannot hit the goals they have for the efforts.

Metrics that Measure Results

Here are 5 sales metrics for Results that should be measured daily:

  • Connects

  • Connect Rate

  • Demos Set

  • Opps created

  • Pipeline generated

These results are telling you whether your daily efforts are succeeding.

Two Key Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

1. Are we doing the volume of stuff we need to do in order to support our overall goals?  

If not, why? Are we being lazy or is there a process-related issue that needs to be fixed?  If it’s process, can we isolate it and come up with ideas to improve it?

2. Is there anything noteworthy happening in the results?  

For example, if you see a spike in connect rate, let’s dig in to figure out why.  Are we targeting differently? What’s the difference - is it the persona?  The company profile? Is it repeatable? Can we dig in more?

What should you avoid with daily sales metrics?

Don’t overreact, particularly to the results, when looking at them on a daily basis.  A day is too small of a sample size to draw real conclusions. But each day is a chance to see if a trend is emerging.  The key is to look at these sales metrics every day, and to record what you’re seeing for  trends. That way, when you get on to measuring weekly / monthly trends, you’re not surprised at the end but instead are proving or disproving your theories that you’ve built up over time.

What’s the best way to analyze daily metrics?

Make it quick.  Do it in tandem with a daily standup.  Go over yesterday’s metrics and also yesterday’s noteworthy calls and customer interactions.  Your guiding tool should be a nice simple table that shows activity by rep for the previous day, like the one shown below.  An app like Sales Rep Scorecards allow you to see your whole team’s data in one place, for the previous day. It’s easy to digest, takes no time to pull metrics together, and also allows you to drill into data if you need to.

Sales Rep Scorecards Group List All Reps

How can you get scorecards for your sales reps?

The best app for tracking sales rep performance is Sales Rep Scorecards from Rekener.  You can connect Salesforce or HubSpot CRM and get started for free in less than 5 minutes.

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