Managing BDRs with Account Coverage

Managing BDRs With Account Coverage

One of the more sophisticated metrics I build out for customers on a daily basis is Account Coverage. The goal of this metric is not simply to understand how many calls or emails a rep is sending. Instead, the goal is to find out who specifically they're reaching out to.

Having been both an SDR and Account Executive for multiple organizations I can understand that every company requires a different outreach strategy.

Account Coverage Strategies

One company I worked for had a goal of reaching out to as many people at as many different companies as possible. The reason was it didn’t matter the type of company we called, they were going use our product in the same manner.  The value prop was the same whether if it was a healthcare company or an oil and gas company, and we just wanted to land as many new customers as we could.

The next company I worked for had a completely different strategy. Here, we wanted to locate a company that was a good fit and call everyone who worked there to build groundswell in the account for an eventual sale that crossed multiple business units.

Neither of these is a better way to run a business -  the point is that businesses run differently, so companies should track and grade reps on metrics that best reflect their business goals. If you're like most businesses out there you probably track calls or emails as sales activity. That's a great first step but lets go a step further.

If we took SDRs from each of the companies I previously worked for and looked at just their monthly sales activity, despite the vastly different strategies we would see that on average an SDR made 1000 calls a month.

That 1000 calls a month is a great way for a manager to know if his or her rep is putting in the right effort level but it doesn’t tell them if that effort aligns with the best strategy to be successful for the business. To solve this with my clients, we track a metric called Account Coverage. What it tracks is the unique number of accounts that a rep is actively working. This way, they can see if a rep spent all their time calling a select handful of accounts, or if they cast a wide net and tried reaching out to a wide variety of leads from different companies.

Calculating Account Coverage

The idea behind Account Coverage is relatively simple. The hard part is finding an efficient way to track it.

When I first meet my clients, they are usually doing this the hard way. Typically, they export a CSV of all the activities a rep made each day to excel and then pull out an account ID that each lead and contact was associated with. From there, running a unique function will get you the number of accounts that rep called. That’s just for one rep. When dealing with multiple reps you will also have to run vlookups to make sure that the right activity is associated with the right rep.

Needless to say, this can become a very complicated excel project that sales management doesn’t have the time to do -- not to mention when you want updated numbers you have to run the process again.

Account Coverage Made Easy

Enter Rekener! We make it very easy to calculate Account Coverage both for any time period. Rekener also gives you the ability to look at Account Coverage broken out historically over time or rolled up into a team number. The best part is that it automatically updates everyday.  This gives sales managers visibility into whether reps are following the strategy the business needs them to.

Sales Rep Account Coverage


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