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Brainshark acquires Rekener to create the industry's only data-driven sales readiness platform

Brainshark Acquires Rekener: What it Means and What's Next

GREG FLYNN | Dec 04, 2019
The acquisition launches an exciting new era of data-driven sales readiness and enablement. These combined platforms will enable client-facing organizations to sho the direct correlation between readiness and revenue. The combination of Brainshark and Rekener raises the game for what companies can (and should) expect from a sales readiness solution.
Rekener cracks the code for sales efficiency in B2B with a customer data platform that automatically integrates data from multiple sources and transforms it so it into applications that can be used by sales managers to improve sales performance.

How to Crack the Code for Sales Efficiency in B2B

ALEX LAATS | Oct 03, 2019
Modern SaaS businesses all aspire for better sales efficiency. In "10 Laws of Cloud Computing," Bessemer Venture Partners describes sales efficiency as "oxygen" for your business.  It's an appropriately powerful metaphor. Without it, your business dies. Learn about the different ways to measure sales efficiency and the 2-part formula for using data to improve sales efficiency in your business. We'll review several different approaches and show you how Rekener can help.
Get the cheat sheet for AE metrics

Metrics Cheat Sheet for Account Executives

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 02, 2019

When you're coaching account executives, you can only give so much advice at once.  You can't have every rep focus on improving everything all at the same time.

Instead, you need to pick your spots, and have reps focus on a manageable amount of stuff at a time.  This allows them to practice that skill deliberately, and improve to being great at it.  After they master one part of the process, they can move on to the next.

Sales rep scorecard account exec example

What is a Sales Rep Scorecard?

GREGORY KESHIAN | Sep 01, 2019
A sales rep scorecard is a document or application that tracks key performance indicators about members of your sales team.  It is used by sales managers to track and improve the performance of their sales reps. Example sales rep scorecard metrics are: calls, demos set, opportunities created, deals won, bookings, ASP, close rate.
Everything you need to know about pipeline coverage

Everything You Need to Know About Pipeline Coverage

GREGORY KESHIAN | Aug 16, 2019
Pipeline Coverage is a ratio used by sales managers to measure how much pipeline they have, compared to how much quota they need to close.  Pipeline Coverage is calculated by dividing your open pipeline by how much quota you need to close and general rule of thumb is to have 3x to 4x Pipeline Coverage. This post fills you in on all the ways to calculate and use Pipeline Coverage.

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