Master Your Land & Expand Strategy

Drive more expansion revenue
and understand how
customers grow over time

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Understand which accounts are likely to grow, over what timeframe, and identify leading indicators.

Different customer segments expand in different ways, so why treat every customer as if they're the same? Constantly trying to upsell and cross-sell to every account is not only inefficient, it can actually result in lost business. But to grow your business, you need to find the right way to increase revenue per account.

The Rekener Account Control Center helps you see acquisition and growth patterns for any customer segment you want to see. Find out the percentage of customers that expand, track the average time between the first deal and the first expansion activity, and see other important patterns — for your business overall, for different products, and for different customer segments.  

Operationalize your understanding by setting up target groups of accounts showing the customer segment, elapsed time since the last deal closed for each customer in the group, and important buying signals like web visits and product usage.  Alert your account managers when their accounts are ready to grow.

The Rekener Account Control Center is the Account Lifecycle Management solution that helps BizOps leaders see acquisition and growth patterns for different customer segments and operationalize your understanding

Build a business model that reflects your land and expand patterns

With the Rekener Account Control Center, you can see the patterns in your business around land and expand. What percentage of your new customers end up expanding? How long does it take for them to expand? What size do they grow to? You can then incorporate all of this knowledge when building your business model, so you can accurately reflect expected expansions over time.

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