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Segment your business based on revenue potential

Segmenting your business to optimize for net new bookings may be short-sighted and is unlikely to yield maximum revenue growth in the long term. Performing segmentation analysis in Excel simply isn’t fast or flexible enough to keep pace with your business.

The Rekener Account Control Center enables you to segment your business using the metric that really matters — revenue growth potential. Account lifecycle information is rolled up to segments so you can see the impact of awareness, demand generation, new business acquisition, upsell and retention for each one.

Improve segmentation analysis with Rekener Account Control Center

Monitoring activity by segment in real time

It’s not easy to map the success or failure of sales and marketing campaigns on a per-segment basis, since data about web visits, leads and product usage isn’t associated with accounts. The Account Control Center allows you to see activity throughout the account lifecycle — in real time — so you know what works and what doesn’t by segment.

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