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Greg is COO and Co-Founder at Rekener. Greg’s career has been focused on using data to grow recurring revenue businesses. Before joining Rekener, he served as VP of Operations at ZeroTurnaround, where he built its strategy and operations practice, ran its customer success and renewals function, helped to grow and coach its high-velocity sales organization, and optimize its marketing efforts. Prior to that, he ran the BizOps and marketing functions for the AVOKE call center analytics business, a SaaS company within BBN Technologies. He got his start using data to improve sales and marketing efforts while at AppNeta.

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Top sales metrics June 2019

Top Sales Metrics June 2019

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jul 01, 2019

At Rekener, we've compiled a glossary of sales metrics.  These KPIs help sales leaders manage their business and get better performance from their teams and reps by driving them in the right direction.

Our metrics glossary describes each sales metric, what it's used for, some example calculations, and also how to calculate it using Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data.  We generate a fair amount of web traffic of sales leaders coming to our site to learn how to calculate these KPIs for their teams. 

How to Calculate Opportunity Win Rate

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 28, 2019

Opportunity Win Rate measures how many opportunities you won, divided by the total number of opps created.  To calculate opportunity win rate, divide the number of closed won deals in a particular time period by the total number of opportunities you created in that period.

For example, if you created 20 opps in October, and won 8 deals in October, then your Opportunity Win Rate for October would be 8 / 20 = 40%.

How to Calculate Quota Attainment

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 28, 2019

Quota Attainment measures a salesperson's total sales, as a percentage of their quota for that period.  It is a measure of how close they were to reaching their goal for that particular period.  Typically, quota attainment is measured either monthly, quarterly, or annually and is tied to a compensation plan.  

As an example, if a sales rep has a quota of $250,000 for a quarter, and they have actual bookings of $235,000, their quota attainment would be $235,000 / $250,000 = 94%.

How to Calculate Demo Complete Rate

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 28, 2019

Demo Complete Rate measures the number of demos completed as a percentage of demos scheduled.  It's a top-of-the funnel metric which is commonly measured for BDRs and SDRs to make sure that they are setting quality demos.

As an example Demo Complete Rate, if a sales rep schedules 25 demos, and 18 of them are completed, the Demo Complete Rate would be 18 / 25 = 72%.

How to Calculate Calls per Demo

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 28, 2019

Calls per Demo measures the average number of calls a sales rep needs to make in order to set a demo.  To measure Calls per Demo, you take the total number of calls made by a rep in a given period, and divide by the number of demos the rep set in that same period.  Calls per Demo is a top of the funnel metric that indicates how efficient a given rep is with the calls they are making.

For instance, if a rep made 1,500 calls in a month and set 25 demos, then their Calls per Demo would be 1,500 / 25 = 60 Calls per Demo.

Account based selling has huge potential.  But there are also pitfalls.  This post shares four common pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Top 4 Account-Based Selling Mistakes to Avoid

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 27, 2019
Account-based selling (ABS) approaches are increasingly common.  Most B2B sales organizations put an account-based strategy in place at some point.  Account-based selling can be really effective.  It ensures reps are targeting the best accounts, which either marketing or sales leadership has identified.  ABS can drive your business forward strategically by going after the best logos.  But, there are lots of ways that account-based selling can fail.  When this happens, it derails your reps, wastes lots of time, and frustrates everyone involved. Below, we'll look at 4 common pitfalls that can make your account-based selling strategy go down in flames.  And, of course, we'll show you how to avoid them!
Acquia is automating analytics and improving sales performance with Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards.

Case Study - Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Sales Rep Scorecards

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jun 10, 2019
Acquia is the open source digital experience company, and provides the world’s most ambitious brands the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences.  With more than 100 reps on their sales and account management teams, Acquia places huge value on sales analytics and performance reviews. This case study tells the story of how Acquia is using Sales Rep Scorecards to automate analytics and improve sales performance.
Everything you need to know about pipeline coverage

Everything You Need to Know About Pipeline Coverage

GREGORY KESHIAN | May 16, 2019
Pipeline Coverage is a ratio used by sales managers to measure how much pipeline they have, compared to how much quota they need to close.  Pipeline Coverage is calculated by dividing your open pipeline by how much quota you need to close and general rule of thumb is to have 3x to 4x Pipeline Coverage. This post fills you in on all the ways to calculate and use Pipeline Coverage.