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Greg is COO and Co-Founder at Rekener. Greg’s entire career has been focused on using BizOps to grow recurring revenue businesses. Before joining Rekener, he served as VP of Operations at ZeroTurnaround, where he built its BizOps practice and team. He did the same for the AVOKE call center analytics business, a SaaS company within BBN Technologies. He got his start in BizOps for recurring revenue businesses while at AppNeta.

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Lead conversion cohorts by week

Lead Response Analytics - Digging up Gold

GREGORY KESHIAN | Apr 11, 2019

Sales leaders worldwide use Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards to get better results from their sales teams.  I'm one of them.

At Rekener, we generate a few dozen inbound leads every week, and they get routed to our sales.  Our sales team follows up with those leads to set demos.  I encourage them to try at least 5 times to call each lead.

How to Calculate Forecast Coverage

GREGORY KESHIAN | Mar 30, 2019

Forecast coverage measures your weighted forecast, relative to your quota for a given period of time.  To measure forecast coverage, you take your forecast for a period, and divide by your quota for that same time period.

For example, if a rep is forecasting $120,000 for Q2 and their quota for Q2 is $125,000, then their forecast coverage is $120,000 / $125,000 = 96%.  This rep is projecting to close 96% of their quota.

How to Calculate Stage to Stage Duration

GREGORY KESHIAN | Dec 31, 2018

Stage to Stage Duration measures the average amount of time it takes for opportunities or deals to move from one stage to the next. For example, if a rep had had 100 opportunities that moved from Stage 1 to Stage 2 in the sales process, and the total number of days between Stage 1 and 2 (if you added them all up) was 1,000 days, then the Stage 1 to Stage 2 Duration would be 1,000 days / 100 opps = 10 days.

Sales reports, templates and tools

Sales Reports: Templates and Tools

GREGORY KESHIAN | Nov 22, 2018

Often, the key to success in business is having the right information to make decisions with. It's also an area of difficulty for many companies. One of the main obstacles to using information effectively is converting data into usable insight. For a sales team, having the right sales reports is essential.

Sales rep scorecard account exec example

What is a Sales Rep Scorecard?

GREGORY KESHIAN | Nov 05, 2018
A sales rep scorecard is a document or application that tracks key performance indicators about members of your sales team.  It is used by sales managers to track and improve the performance of their sales reps. Example sales rep scorecard metrics are: calls, demos set, opportunities created, deals won, bookings, ASP, close rate.