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John is a Senior BizOps Strategist at Rekener. Each day, John collaborates with Rekener customers to leverage the Rekener platform and drive deep business insights. A veteran of the technology startup space, John’s love for data storytelling helps sales, marketing, and ops teams see the big picture in a way that’s easily understood and actionable.

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Sales velocity formula

Breaking Down Sales Velocity

JOHN BYRNE | Jun 12, 2019

Sales Velocity is a powerful diagnostic tool for sales leaders because it captures the three metrics managers value most when evaluating reps on bottom-of-the-funnel KPIs:

  • What percentage of deals is a rep winning?

  • What’s the average size of those won deals?

  • How long does it take to win a deal?

Track Stage Duration to close more deals quickly

Stage Duration In The Sales Process

JOHN BYRNE | Jan 04, 2019

We recently examined the power of stage conversion rates and how they’re an awesome tool for sales managers.  In addition to conversion, there’s another very valuable metric when it comes to understanding opportunities’ behavior.  I’m talking about opportunity stage duration. Stage duration paints a vivid portrait of the sales process, both for a team and individual reps.

Use Sales Rep Scorecards Strategically

Using Sales Rep Scorecards Strategically

JOHN BYRNE | Nov 05, 2018

A highly functioning, successful sales team is a beautiful thing and a sales manager’s dream. Teams that are driving revenue and exceeding quota are confident and energized. Each salesperson feels like they’re one call or meeting away from their next huge win. That success breeds friendly competition and often spurs reps to smash quotas month after month.

Coordinating marketing and sales

Three Reasons To Track Marketing And Sales KPIs Together

JOHN BYRNE | Oct 02, 2018

Siloed data is often a huge problem for a business, particularly one in growth mode. The consequences of data that’s not shared across an entire company include terminology inconsistencies, lack of a consistent vision, strategies created by incomplete data, and the inability to pivot quickly when challenges arise.