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Mike is a BizOps Strategist at Rekener. Mike works with Rekener customers to help them optimize their analytics and go-to-market strategy using the Rekener Platform. Working with dozens of best-in-class businesses gives Mike a diverse perspective on best practices for analytics, operations and strategy. Prior to joining Rekener, Mike held Sales and Operations positions at Carbon Black, Confer, and ZeroTurnaround. Mike's sales background keeps him focused on helping the teams on the front lines achieve their goals.

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Baseball scoreboard and thinking about sales metrics

Adding Context to Your Sales Data

MIKE LAWSON | Apr 30, 2019

Last night while attending a Red Sox game I found myself staring at one of the scoreboards looking at stats. They really didn’t help me drive any meaningful insights. Steve Pearce was at the plate with runners on base and I wanted to know: what are the chances he knocks one over the monster and gives the Sox the lead.

The scoreboard was showing that Steve Pearce in night games has 87 home runs. At first glance this seemed like a useful data point. It's a night game, Steve Pearce is batting and I know how many home runs he has hit in the past.

BDR Opportunity Funnels

BDR Opportunity Funnels

MIKE LAWSON | Jan 29, 2019

Traditionally, the job of a BDR manager is to hold their BDRs responsible for the early part of the sales funnel. Making sure they are sourcing the right people, making enough calls, having meaningful conversations, and getting the account execs enough opportunities.

Create a sales rep dashboard

Creating a Sales Rep Dashboard

MIKE LAWSON | Nov 28, 2018

Dashboards are table-stakes for sales managers.  Sales managers need to know if they’re on track to hit their goals, and if not, which areas need the most attention.

One of the big issues with setting up a sales dashboard is that there are so many potential metrics out there, how do you possibly narrow it down to one screen?

My advice anytime I am setting up a dashboard for a client is to start by keeping it simple. Make sure that if you add a table or chart that it’s relevant toward the business goals you want to drive your sales team to.

Managing BDRs With Account Coverage

Managing BDRs with Account Coverage

MIKE LAWSON | Nov 01, 2018

One of the more sophisticated metrics I build out for customers on a daily basis is Account Coverage. The goal of this metric is not simply to understand how many calls or emails a rep is sending. Instead, the goal is to find out who specifically they're reaching out to.

Having been both an SDR and Account Executive for multiple organizations I can understand that every company requires a different outreach strategy.

Pipeline Coverage

Pipeline Coverage - Secret Weapon for Sales Managers

MIKE LAWSON | Oct 19, 2018

One of the most common questions that sales managers ask their reps is, “Do you have enough pipeline to hit your goal?”. In my experience, the correct answer back to any sales leader is always, “There is no such thing as enough pipeline, I will go find more!”. In this post we'll explore how to answer this question with metrics, and how you can gain confidence in your pipeline.

Scoring Sales Reps

Why You Should Be Scoring Sales Reps

MIKE LAWSON | Aug 09, 2018
It's hard to parse through dozens of KPI's to figure out which reps are performing well. A great approach is to weight each of these KPI's and score reps based on a combination of all of them. Read on to hear the challenges with assessing reps across dozens of metrics, and why scoring can lead to better coaching and output.