Data-Driven Sales Coaching

Rekener cracks the code for sales efficiency in B2B with a customer data platform that automatically integrates data from multiple sources and transforms it so it into applications that can be used by sales managers to improve sales performance.

How to Crack the Code for Sales Efficiency in B2B

ALEX LAATS | Oct 03, 2019
Modern SaaS businesses all aspire for better sales efficiency. In "10 Laws of Cloud Computing," Bessemer Venture Partners describes sales efficiency as "oxygen" for your business.  It's an appropriately powerful metaphor. Without it, your business dies. Learn about the different ways to measure sales efficiency and the 2-part formula for using data to improve sales efficiency in your business. We'll review several different approaches and show you how Rekener can help.
Fast growing companies need to double down on sales coaching and use data to motivate sales reps to be a top performer.

How Fast Growing Companies Create Dynamic Sales Targets

GREGORY KESHIAN | May 15, 2019
For fast growing companies, the business is evolving and growing so quickly that territories, quotas and goals are constantly changing. The solution is to double down on coaching, and use data to challenge sales reps to push themselves to be the best. We work with a lot of fast growing companies, and here's how to set dynamic sales targets that will keep the good times rolling.
Rekener enables data-driven sales coaching with Sales Rep Scorecards.  This blog post covers the business case and methodology that you need to succeed with data-driven sales coaching.

Business Case and Playbook for Data-Driven Sales Coaching

ALEX LAATS | Apr 19, 2019
Data-driven sales coaching can have a direct impact on quota achievement. If you're considering an investment to improve data-driven sales coaching, you'll need a business case to support the investment and a playbook to get you there. In this post, we'll give you hard numbers from the best research and share our recommendations.