Track Stage Duration to close more deals quickly

Stage Duration In The Sales Process

JOHN BYRNE | Jan 04, 2019

We recently examined the power of stage conversion rates and how they’re an awesome tool for sales managers.  In addition to conversion, there’s another very valuable metric when it comes to understanding opportunities’ behavior.  I’m talking about opportunity stage duration. Stage duration paints a vivid portrait of the sales process, both for a team and individual reps.

Aaron Bloomfield 3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Get Sales Reps to Own Sales Metrics

3 Ways to Get Reps to Own Their Sales Metrics

GREGORY KESHIAN | Aug 04, 2018

Metrics can be a sales leader’s secret weapon.  The best CRO's, VP's and Directors of Sales manage their teams to hit the metrics they need to support the overall quota.  They achieve consistency by creating a plan and hitting it.

The best sales leaders also instill ownership of these metrics by their reps.  When reps own their metrics, it's a mindset shift that turns them from reactive into proactive businesspeople with a goal and a plan for how to get there. 

Getting Unstuck: Get the Recording of Rekener's Webinar on Account Lifecycle Management

Getting Unstuck: Get the Recording!

STEPHANIE FOX | Sep 19, 2017

Recently we presented a webinar titled “Getting Unstuck: Overcoming Barriers to Revenue Growth.” Sales Enablement & Operations expert Stephen Hallowell of Mulesoft shared real-world examples of the issues that can contribute to revenue growth challenges and, most importantly, outlined concrete steps BizOps leaders can follow to get things back on track.

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As Good As Gold: Growing Revenue the Smarter Way with Account Lifecycle Management

As Good As Gold: Growing Revenue the Smarter Way with Account Lifecycle Management

ALEX LAATS | Jul 14, 2017

What if your B2B sales, account management and customer success teams could focus all of their energy and resources on engaging only those accounts with the highest revenue potential? Your sales team would reach out to specific leads and contacts in the best accounts. Your account management teams would focus their efforts on accounts with strong potential to upsell or cross-sell. Your customer success team would prioritize accounts that are at high risk for churn.