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Top sales metrics June 2019

Top Sales Metrics June 2019

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jul 01, 2019

At Rekener, we've compiled a glossary of sales metrics.  These KPIs help sales leaders manage their business and get better performance from their teams and reps by driving them in the right direction.

Our metrics glossary describes each sales metric, what it's used for, some example calculations, and also how to calculate it using Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data.  We generate a fair amount of web traffic of sales leaders coming to our site to learn how to calculate these KPIs for their teams. 

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

5 Monster Spreadsheets You Can Automate With Rekener

ALEX LAATS | May 10, 2018
Spreadsheets are amazing tools for intellectual analysis, but they become monsters when they get so complex that they can't be maintained at the fast pace of your growth business. Rekener is a customer data platform that uses dynamic metrics and tables to automate the analytical applications that you need to run your business.