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Getting Unstuck: Get the Recording of Rekener's Webinar on Account Lifecycle Management

Getting Unstuck: Get the Recording!

STEPHANIE FOX | Sep 19, 2017

Recently we presented a webinar titled “Getting Unstuck: Overcoming Barriers to Revenue Growth.” Sales Enablement & Operations expert Stephen Hallowell of Mulesoft shared real-world examples of the issues that can contribute to revenue growth challenges and, most importantly, outlined concrete steps BizOps leaders can follow to get things back on track.

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Build a Data Warehouse for Salesforce in 10 Minutes with Rekener Account Control Center

Build a Data Warehouse for Salesforce in 10 Minutes

GREGORY KESHIAN | Sep 12, 2017
Building a data warehouse for Salesforce in just 10 Minutes? Yup. You just need the Rekener Account Control Center. It's the Account Lifecycle Management solution that helps B2B companies maximize recurring revenue.