Case Study

Veracode uses Rekener for ABM Campaigns

CA Veracode Uses Rekener to Power Coordinated ABM Campaigns

GREGORY KESHIAN | Jul 24, 2018
Veracode overcame huge data and analytics challenges to find accounts that will turn into needle-moving customers. They did this on the Rekener platform. Using Rekener, Veracode mapped out their true sales motion and found the accounts that are best targets to land and then expand into great customers. Veracode built an Ideal Customer Profile and used it to segment their large account base. They grouped accounts into tiers based on fit, then ran specific marketing and sales plays at these account tiers. This allowed Veracode to get a massive return on sales and marketing by spending resources on the best accounts. And by leveraging the Rekener platform, Veracode accomplished all of this in just weeks, without having to hire an army of analysts or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a BI environment. Read on to find out how they did it.
EnterpriseDB gains unprecedented visibility into account growth with Rekener.

EnterpriseDB Gains End-to-End Visibility for their Business With Rekener

GREGORY KESHIAN | Apr 18, 2018
Learn how EDB is using Rekener to allocate sales and marketing resources in order to grow accounts more quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the EDB team is automating the SaaS metrics that are necessary to instrument the business for growth. Bottom line: EDB is gaining unprecedented visibility while winning back valuable time.