Segmentation Analysis

Finally. A platform that does segmentation analysis for B2B.

Build your Ideal Customer Profile the right way - with all your data at your fingertips, optimized for the right metrics

In the B2B world, good account segmentation can make the difference between a successful and failed business.  Rekener gives you the platform you need to get it right. Build your ideal customer profile to optimize for the right metrics, using data from the entire account lifecycle. Create any combination of segments to understand where you should be investing your sales and marketing dollars.

For Marketers

Compare segments for lifetime value

For B2B marketers, segmentation is crucial.  Make sure you nail it with Rekener Segmentation Analysis.  Rekener lets you create and compare any account segments. Segment by industry, company size, geography, products purchased, or any other attribute.  Compare by any metrics, including new business acquisition, upsell and cross-sell, renewal rates, and LTV.

Don’t build an Ideal Customer Profile full of accounts that will buy and then churn.  Use Rekener Segmentation Analysis to identify which accounts will move the needle on revenue. Once your ICP is defined, use Rekener Account Scoring to put it into action and find white space.

For BizOps Teams

Integrate Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk for segmentation

Segmentation requires a 360 degree customer view to understand performance over the entire account lifecycle.  So getting the data together is critical.  You need data for products purchased, expansion, renewals and adoption, all surfaced at the account level. And you need to incorporate data from your website and product usage as well.

Rekener has simple integrations for all of your data stores - Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Engagio, Zendesk, Mixpanel, and a REST API for custom sources.  There’s no need to spend a year standing up a data warehouse - Rekener gets all your data integrated, organized, cleaned up and ready for action in less than a day.

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