Lead to Account Matching and Account Rollups

Messy Salesforce Data?   Rekener's got you covered.

Take back control of your database and capitalize on your investment in demand generation

Get a return on your lead gen investment by cleaning up and organizing your leads, contacts and accounts.  Match leads to accounts in Salesforce so they’re not free-floating.  Roll up accounts to see how much total revenue you've done -- even if you have duplicates.  And get your leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts summarized and organized on a master account object in Salesforce.  It’s all powered by Rekener’s AI-assisted matching algorithm.  Rekener performs multiple external lookups to match data even if there's no fuzzy match on the name or domain.  By the way, we get smarter with every single record we process.


For Marketers

Account rollup and lead to account matching on AppExchange

You’ve made the investment in demand generation - time to get the return.  Rekener Lead to Account Matching and Account Rollups cleans up years of accumulated messy data.  It lets you flip the switch overnight and be ready for ABM and account-based demand gen programs.

Rekener offers the Rekener Account Rollup app via the Salesforce AppExchange so you can get your Salesforce data squared away.  Match leads to accounts, and roll duplicate and subsidiary accounts into a master account.  We make matches even where account names and domains are nothing alike.  Rekener even detects companies that are subsidiaries and acquisitions of larger organizations.

For Sales Ops

Lead to account matching in Salesforce AppExchange

Taking control of your Salesforce instance is a constant battle.  Marketing is pumping in new leads all the time, and sales… well, we aren’t going to describe what sales is doing.  But you get the point.

With the Rekener Account Rollup in the AppExchange, all this becomes manageable.  No need to spend hours converting leads to the right accounts or locking down sales permissions for creating accounts.  Rekener cleans up Salesforce automatically.  So leads, contacts and opportunities get associated with the right parent.  And all those duplicate accounts you’ve got in there get rolled up into their parent as well.

The Rekener Account Rollup is AI-assisted and augmented with a whole internet's worth of data.  Rekener does searches out to WhoIs, Google, Bing and other sources to figure out for every domain, which company owns it.  Then a confidence interval gets built to figure out whether or not to make a match.  And because it's ML-based, it gets smarter every day.  Just like you!

For Sales Teams and Account Managers

Account rollup

Don’t you wish you had your leads and contacts on the same Salesforce screen?  And don’t you wish you could see how many total leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts you have in your big enterprise accounts?  The Rekener Account Rollup app delivers this to you. It’s an easy install through the Salesforce AppExchange and gives you the visibility you need, right away.

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