Lead Conversion Analytics

Simple and insightful analytics for how leads convert over time,
and how they are being pursued by sales

Slice conversion rates by source, campaign, owner and more. See how many times your leads are getting called and how cohorts of leads perform over time.

Get easy, automatic and deep insights into which lead sources, channels and campaigns drive results.  Map lead performance against sales effort applied. Understand which leads are getting attention, and which ones are falling through the cracks.  Rekener makes it easy to know your numbers so you can drive results.

For Marketers

See leads, calls, emails, pipeline and bookings by Campaign

You work hard to drive lead volume, but also drive lead quality.  You need to drive leads that actually convert to sales. But assessing lead quality can be challenging because there are so many factors - sources, channels, campaigns, as well as levels of sales followup.  Salesforce reporting really doesn’t cut it for what you need.

Rekener makes it easy to cut through the data and noise, to see the signal.  Measure your lead conversion rates sliced by any dimension, including campaign, lead source, channel, and even number of calls that were made to each lead.

Break down cohorts of leads over time to see which ones convert, and how long it takes.  Rekener shows you how likely leads are to convert to opps, as well as how much time and how many calls it takes for a lead to turn into an opportunity.  Use this to fuel your automation strategy so that you can make sure leads get the proper follow-up before they go into your nurture program.

For BizOps

Cohort analysis for leads called and conversion rates

There's no need to build cohort analysis spreadsheets in Excel.  These spreadsheets are great when you create them, but end up becoming a huge tax on your time when you're updating them over and over, every week.  Rekener Lead Conversion Analytics automates your cohort analysis, and also slices it by any dimension you track for your leads. Set up dashboards and automated reporting so this data goes out to the teams that need it in real-time.

Rekener also tracks how many calls each lead is getting over time.  So you can bucket leads based on whether they’ve been followed up with, and how much.  Use this to determine what your sales process should be. General rule of thumb is to call leads at least 6 times before putting them into a nurture queue.  But that’s just an average. Rekener shows you the numbers specific to your business, so you can set up sales workflows and rules that work for you.

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Use Cases in Action

Case Study - Thought Industries Scores Two Huge Wins With Sales Rep Scorecards

Thought Industries is a rapidly growing SaaS business in Boston.  They've achieved amazing visibility, reduced wasted time, and cured report overload with Sales Rep Scorecards.  Find out more about how they spend less time crunching data and more time crushing numbers in the case study!


Track Sales Rep Targets with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Tracking performance against targets for your sales reps can be challenging when using Salesforce or HubSpot as your CRM.  Often, the only way to do it is in Excel spreadsheets.  Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is an easy and flexible way to track performance of your team against their targets over time.  Read this whitepaper to learn more.


Get Sales Reps to Own Their Metrics

Read this whitepaper for best practices for instilling more ownership in your sales team in their sales metrics.  We cover several ways that businesses have successfully implemented process and software to achieve better performance by having reps monitor important KPIs.