Account Based Marketing

The one platform you need for your account based marketing and selling

Rekener supports your Account Based Marketing initiatives from strategy to execution to measurement.

The Rekener Platform supports ABM from top to bottom, beginning with strategy formation and all the way through execution and measurement.  Rekener also solves data issues associated with ABM, like lead-to-account matching, account deduplication, and 360 degree account views with data from your CRM, Marketing Automation, Product Usage sources and more.

Additionally, Rekener provides Strategic BizOps Services, including engagements that can help you to plan, form and execute Account Based Marketing and Selling strategies.

ABM Strategy

Segmentation analysis for ABM

Rekener helps you build your ABM strategy with powerful segmentation analysis.  Group your accounts into segments, and see the business metrics for each. This gives you an understanding of where to focus your ABM efforts, and also where ABM is not going to be effective. 

Use segmentation analysis to plan out the segments to focus on with ABM, and to plan out your objectives.  For example, how many accounts you can target, how many opportunities you want to generate per period, and what you want to achieve for win rates, ASPs, and expansion rates.

ABM Execution

Integrations for ABM execution

Account Based Marketing requires a specific set of technology in order to execute effectively.  This includes

  • Lead-to-account matching
  • Account deduplication
  • Joining of data from multiple sources
  • Augmented firmographic data to supply industry, company size, etc
  • 360 degree account views

The Rekener platform has you covered on all of these.  Lead-to-account matching and account deduplication happens natively in the Rekener platform.  Rekener also has a Salesforce AppExchange app to bring lead-to-account matching and account deduplication to Salesforce.

Rekener has integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Engagio, Zendesk, Mixpanel and more -- so you can get all of your account data in one place.  Rekener automatically joins this data to accounts, so that you have the holistic 360 degree view of accounts that you need to support your Account Based initiatives.  And in case you don't have accurate or consistent data on industries and company sizes, Rekener has a data augmentation layer as well.

ABM Targeting

Account Scoring for ABM

Use Rekener to build account scoring models to prioritize your accounts for ABM.  Build customized scores that include firmographic data as well as intent, like web visits, pageviews, form submissions and lead generation. 

Rekener can score accounts using any data in Salesforce or other connected systems like Marketo and HubSpot.  And Rekener also integrates custom data, either through our API, or via CSV upload, so you have any number of ways to get your valuable account-level data into shape to score your accounts.

Set up notifications so that your marketing and sales teams get alerted when accounts move beyond a certain scoring threshold.

ABM Measurement

Measure the results of ABM campaigns

Keep track of the performance of your ABM initiatives over time.  Rekener has all the tools you need to see how effective your ABM approach is.

Cohort accounts based on whether they are being targeted, and see how many web visits, form submissions and leads you are driving.  Track these accounts all the way through the sales process to see how many customers you generate and how much they grow and expand in their lifetime.

Rekener tracks the dates that accounts become customers so that you can measure how long it takes for an ABM target to become a customer, and how long it takes for them to expand.

Align Account Based Marketing and Account Based Selling

Align marketing and sales for ABM

Rekener scores both marketing activity and sales activity for all of your accounts.  This allows you to align your marketing and sales efforts, and focus both teams on your best accounts.

Build customized marketing scores that use data from Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce to see which accounts are most engaged with your website and content.

Build customized sales activity scores to see which accounts are being targeted by sales, including:  calls and emails, demos and meetings set, opportunities and pipeline generated.  

Additionally, get breakdowns of activity by rep so you can see which reps are calling into which accounts, and what their results are.

Talk to an Expert

Use Cases in Action

Case Study - How Zoom Enables Data-Driven Sales Managers to Drive Growth using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Hilary Headlee, Zoom’s Head of Sales Operations and Enablement, recognized an opportunity to improve data-driven sales coaching and have a big impact on sales performance.  She chose Rekener’s Sales Rep Scorecards platform to execute her plan.


Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Sales Rep Scorecards

Acquia has a great talent review process, in which they assess the performance of every rep on the whole team, at regular intervals.  Prior to using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards, this was a highly manual process. Everything was done in spreadsheets.  Learn how Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards. 


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