Sales Velocity Calculator

Sales Velocity is the single best metric
to summarize your sales performance

Supercharge your sales team with the supermetric Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity

Sales Velocity distills four KPI's down to one supermetric to track your performance.  Take your opportunity generation, multiply by ASP and Close Rate, and then divide by Sales Cycle.

Rekener calculates Sales Velocity for you automatically, for both new business and upsell.  

Automate your Sales Velocity calculation

Sales velocity table

Pulling data into spreadsheets to calculate your sales velocity takes forever.  Automate this calculation by using the Rekener Sales Velocity Calculator.  Rekener automatically calculates Opportunities Created, Opportunities Won, Opportunities Lost, Bookings, Close Rate, ASP, Sales Cycle, and Sales Velocity for both new business and for upsell.  Break it down over time to see whether your velocity is improving, and which levers to pull in order to accelerate your business further.

Get started in minutes

Sales velocity is easy to set up

Rekener connects directly with Salesforce, so you can get set up in minutes.  All you need to do is create a Rekener account, and then sign into Salesforce.  Rekener is SOC II Secure, Veracode Verified, and GDPR Compliant, so your data is safe.

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Sales Velocity Calculator

$19 / mo / sales rep (billed annually)

  • Both New Business and Upsell
  • Configurable calculation to work with your data
  • Metrics:
  •    Opps Created
  •    Opps Won
  •    Opps Lost
  •    Bookings
  •    ASP
  •    Close Rate
  •    Sales Cycle
  •    Sales Velocity

Use Cases in Action

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Thought Industries is a rapidly growing SaaS business in Boston.  They've achieved amazing visibility, reduced wasted time, and cured report overload with Sales Rep Scorecards.  Find out more about how they spend less time crunching data and more time crushing numbers in the case study!


Track Sales Rep Targets with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Tracking performance against targets for your sales reps can be challenging when using Salesforce or HubSpot as your CRM.  Often, the only way to do it is in Excel spreadsheets.  Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is an easy and flexible way to track performance of your team against their targets over time.  Read this whitepaper to learn more.


Get Sales Reps to Own Their Metrics

Read this whitepaper for best practices for instilling more ownership in your sales team in their sales metrics.  We cover several ways that businesses have successfully implemented process and software to achieve better performance by having reps monitor important KPIs.