Sales Rep Scorecards

Improve team performance by measuring KPI's.
Track any metrics by rep.
Roll up reps to compare teams.

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Track any KPI metric by rep. Roll reps up to teams and teams up to departments.

Rekener allows you to track any key metric on a per-sales-rep basis.  This means that you can create metrics like number of calls, emails, demos set, opps created, bookings, win rate, ASP and so forth - and track each metric for every single one of your reps.  You can then compare reps to each other.  Combine reps into teams, to compare performance by team.  

Sales Rep Scorecard

Put down the spreadsheet and come out with your hands up!

The most common way that BizOps teams put Sales Rep Scorecards together today is in spreadsheets.  This approach seems reasonable because spreadsheets are so flexible.  But spreadsheets are time-consuming and unscalable beasts. 

Rekener was designed to give you the flexibility of a spreadsheet so you can track any metric and roll it up any way you want.  But Rekener metrics get built once, and then update automatically.  So you can get on to better things, instead of pounding out VLOOKUPs and pivot tables (not that we don't like VLOOKUPs and Pivot Tables).

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