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Rekener is a Customer Data Platform for B2B

Rekener Customer Data Platform for B2B

With Rekener, setting up a data warehouse with data from Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk and other sources takes minutes.  From there, Rekener puts the power of data analytics into the hands of sales and marketing teams with applications that are easy to set up and easy to use.  No need to cobble together your own data warehouse or spend hours and hours with VLOOKUPs and pivot tables.  And no SQL required!

Powerful Platform for Sales Rep Scorecards

Rekener Apps benefit from the power of the customer data platform.  Data is transformed and applications like Sales Rep Scorecards put the power of data into the hands of sales and marketing leaders.

Sales Rep Scorecards are not limited by the cumbersome data structures of the CRM or other data sources.  Rekener reshapes the data to fit the job to be done. Competing sales analytics solutions just can’t do this because they depend on the source data structure.  The Rekener Platform offers all the power of a traditional business intelligence platform, but with purpose-built applications for sales leaders who need to know what's working and what isn't. 

Turn Your Data Into a Competitive Advantage

The Rekener Platform brings data together from multiple systems.  Standard data sources, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk, Google Sheets and MixPanel, have pre-built integrations.  Custom sources are integrated via Rekener's REST API.  From there, Rekener automatically generates a data lake and data warehouse in the cloud.  The Rekener Platform transforms the data to make it useful for applications.  This includes data clean-up, lead to account matching, and data blending in order to roll up your data to the account or sales rep level, right out of the box. 

You need a data-driven approach to running your business. No more “old school” data silos separating sales, marketing and success teams. Rekener’s Customer Data Platform is a complete solution that includes all four crucial elements to grow your business using data.

Integrate Data

Pre-built integrations for Salesforce and HubSpot CRM and other standard sources and REST API for custom sources.

Blend Data

Roll up data from all sources by accounts, products, sales reps, marketing campaigns and more.

Analyze Data

Scorecards for benchmarking sales reps and tracking performance over time and vs goals.

Drive Action

Run better sales 1-on-1s, focus sales reps on the right accounts and follow up on all your leads.

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Technology Advantages

It takes great technology to harness massive analytical power of diverse data sources into a simple application without sacrificing flexibility and scalability.



AI-Boost Technology

Automates lead to account matching and account rollups, even with inconsistencies in your CRM data or other data sources.


Unified Data Structure

Slice data by any object -- accounts, products, sales reps, marketing campaigns and more -- and across all sources.


Powerful Application Environment

Produce metrics, tables, graphs and reports with all the analytical power of SQL and Excel, but simplified to make it easy.


No-Code / Low-Code

No development or SQL experience required to extend standard apps or build new apps to address custom use-cases.

We Are Experts in Sales Operations, Strategy & Technology

We've been in your shoes.  Our founders have years of direct experience solving sales strategy, operations and analytics problems.  We created the Rekener Platform to integrate, analyze and operationalize your data.  And we've assembled an amazing team of sales ops experts who can tackle your toughest problems and hep you improve sales performance.  Rekener's Sales Ops Services can be a force multiplier for your team.

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Data Security

Rekener is SOC I, Type II and SOC II, Type II

At Rekener, we take the security of your data very seriously.  From day one, we've invested in technology and training practices that put security first.

Step Up Your Sales Analytics

Case Study - How Zoom Enables Data-Driven Sales Managers to Drive Growth using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Hilary Headlee, Zoom’s Head of Sales Operations and Enablement, recognized an opportunity to improve data-driven sales coaching and have a big impact on sales performance.  She chose Rekener’s Sales Rep Scorecards platform to execute her plan.


Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Sales Rep Scorecards

Acquia has a great talent review process, in which they assess the performance of every rep on the whole team, at regular intervals.  Prior to using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards, this was a highly manual process. Everything was done in spreadsheets.  Learn how Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards. 


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Companies with effective sales coaching outperform their peers by 15%!  Read our Data-Driven Sales Coaching eBook to get a Playbook on how to implement effective sales coaching in your organization, as well as the Business Case for why sales coaching is so important.


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