Rekener Account Rollup

Clean up messy account data and match leads to accounts... in Salesforce ...automatically

Get the Rekener Account Rollup on the Salesforce AppExchange

Rekener Account Roll Up

Rekener’s SaaS-based Customer Data Platform cleans up accounts and matches leads and then pushes the Rolled up Rekener Accounts into an object in Salesforce. No point solutions to set up and maintain. Rekener sets up and maintains itself so you aren’t stuck in the never ending task of cleaning up your data.

Give your BizOps team an AI-boost to Find the Hidden Connections Between Your Salesforce Accounts

Match leads to accounts with ML and AI

Rekener uses domain matching, fuzzy logic and machine learning to resolve duplicate accounts, rollup accounts that are part of the same business, and match leads to accounts. It works even if you don’t have hierarchies set up and even if you don’t have consistent naming conventions.

Test drive the Rekener Account Structure for free in the Cloud with Rekener's Data Assessment

See what you could not see before

Match leads, contacts and opportunities to Salesforce accounts

It’s your same Salesforce data, but now you can see the connections between accounts that you couldn’t see before.

Supercharge your BizOps Team

BizOps teams use Rekener to clean up duplicate Salesforce data

Rekener supercharges your BizOps team with AI-assist technology that scans your Accounts, Leads and Contacts to find and maintain connections so you don’t have to.


Data Assessment


  • Cloud-based Version of Rekener Account Rollup
  •   See the hidden connections in your Salesforce data before you buy
  • The Data Assessment gives you visibility into:
  •   Unconverted leads that can be matched to accounts
  •   How many unique companies you really have in Salesforce
  •   How many companies Rekener could provide augmented data for
  •   How many duplicate accounts you have
  •   Your account structure and how your accounts roll up
  •   Rolled-up data about total bookings, leads, contacts and sub-accounts by company
Rekener Account Rollup

$199 /mo. (billed annually)

  • Lead-to-Account Matching and Account Rollups in Salesforce
  •   Get the Rekener Account Rollup on the Salesforce AppExchange
  • The Rekener Account Rollup gives you:
  •   Lead-to-Account Matching that finds and maintains connections
  •   The ability to manage Rekener Accounts as a Salesforce object.  Rekener Accounts resolve duplicates and match accounts that are part of the same business even if the names are different.
  •   Best in class AI-boost technology including domain matching, fuzzy logic and machine learning.
  •   Automated setup and maintenance.
  •   Salesforce AppExchange Partner              

Data Security


At Rekener, we take the security of your data very seriously.  From day one, we've invested in technology and training practices that put security first.

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