Pipeline and Forecast Coverage

Start with Sales Reps and
Cascade Up for Great Accuracy

Build Accurate Forecasts from the Bottom Up

Sales Rep Scorecards gives sales managers great visibility into pipeline and forecast coverage.

Better visibility starts with forecast and pipeline coverage at the rep level and cascades up from there. Track opportunity conversion rates and cycle time from stage to stage. Customize your forecasts  based on the win rates of each rep, team or department and accurately predict where each rep will end up against quota.

Find and Fix Bottlenecks in Your Pipeline

Sales Rep Scorecards gives managers visibility into their pipeline coverage, and it helps managers find and fix bottlenecks.

Identify bottlenecks in your opportunity stages and zoom in to diagnose deficiencies in sales skills or process. Inspect pipeline by rep over time, to make sure reps are building enough pipeline and that it's moving through your sales process.  Add quotas to the mix to track leading indicators like Pipeline Coverage. 

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  • See your sales data in Sales Rep Scorecards
  • Connect Salesforce or HubSpot CRM
  • Get started in minutes
  • No obligation required

$39 /mo/rep (paid annually)

  • Minimum purchase of 10 reps
  • Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and Google Sheets integration
  • All Salesforce and HubSpot CRM objects and fields (including custom objects and fields)
  • Unlimited logins
  • Create and customize metrics
  • Includes rep scorecards, and team-level dashboards
Sales Ops Services

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  • Offerings include:
  •     Sales process identification
  •     CRM field and workflow management
  •     KPI identification
  •     KPI implementation
  •     Custom, managed scorecards
  •     Sales analytics
  •     Sales manager training

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration for Sales Rep Scorecard

Connect Salesforce to Rekener in minutes.

Connect Salesforce to Rekener in minutes and get your sales analytics automated.  Rekener connects to Salesforce over REST API and syncs data automatically.

Rekener gives you access to all of your Salesforce fields and objects - including custom fields and custom objects.  So you can create metrics that map specifically to your business process.

Create a Sales Rep Scorecard account, and sign in to Salesforce to get started now.

HubSpot Integration

Connect HubSpot CRM to Rekener in minutes.

Connect HubSpot to Rekener in minutes, and get up and running on the most flexible and powerful reporting tool for HubSpot CRM.  Gain insight into your sales efficiency and activity levels.

Create high-level reports to see overall trends and performance.  And drilldown straight into HubSpot CRM records like Contacts, Deals and Engagements.

Create a Sales Rep Scorecard account, and sign in to HubSpot to get started now.

Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets integration for Sales Rep Scorecards

Connect data from Google Sheets.

Connect any of your Google Sheets to Rekener to pull custom data into your Sales Rep Scorecards.

Track data that lives outside the CRM, like quotas and targets over time, or sales rep skills assessments.

Add new data to your Google Sheet and it syncs to Rekener automatically, so you can keep your data up-to-date at all times. Sync as many sheets as you like.

Step Up Your Sales Analytics

Case Study - How Zoom Enables Data-Driven Sales Managers to Drive Growth using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards

Hilary Headlee, Zoom’s Head of Sales Operations and Enablement, recognized an opportunity to improve data-driven sales coaching and have a big impact on sales performance.  She chose Rekener’s Sales Rep Scorecards platform to execute her plan.


Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Sales Rep Scorecards

Acquia has a great talent review process, in which they assess the performance of every rep on the whole team, at regular intervals.  Prior to using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards, this was a highly manual process. Everything was done in spreadsheets.  Learn how Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards. 


Get The Data-Driven Sales Coaching eBook by Rekener

Companies with effective sales coaching outperform their peers by 15%!  Read our Data-Driven Sales Coaching eBook to get a Playbook on how to implement effective sales coaching in your organization, as well as the Business Case for why sales coaching is so important.


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