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We help companies use data to break down silos and build great customer relationships

People don’t want to be sold to. But the fastest-growing companies have figured out how to sell.  What's the secret?

That’s the big question that everyone in B2B is asking. Where do we look for answers? It turns out that the future story of B2B sales and marketing is already being written in B2C. It’s all about using data to serve our customers most effectively.  Our customer relationships live in every search, recommendation or purchase. We must serve prospects and customers better and better, or they won’t come back.

"B2C doesn't have the luxury of solving problems with people. They must use technology. And, as soon as they figure out a distribution method that work, B2B will follow."

Brian Signorelli, Hubspot

"We see opportunity less around traditional sales force driving our growth and more in investing heavily in technology, data-driven personalization, and effectively making our marketing more efficient."

Robert Chatwani, Atlassian

"[McKinsey’s] benchmark shows that only 15 percent of B2B companies feel they have a complete view of their customers, and only 19 percent say they understand the customer journeys that matter most to core segments."

McKinsey (October 2016)

The fastest-growing companies are using customer data to serve customers better.

What’s blocking us?

Silos must go

Break down silos between marketing, sales, customer success and support

Our sales, marketing, success and product teams are set up in silos. But who really “knows” the customer? Everyone?  Or no one?

What we realized was ... The fastest-growing companies are doing things differently

They break down silos

They use data to serve, not sell

They constantly measure, test and improve

We created Rekener to help companies use data to break down silos and build great customer relationships. That means we help with 3 things.


Align the whole go-to-market team around the customer with 360 degrees of customer data


Prioritize go-to-market resources to serve customers most effectively


Automate KPIs in order to constantly measure what's working and what's not working

Rekener is a Customer Data Platform for B2B.  A Customer Data Platform is the new system of record for analytical applications across the entire go-to-market team.

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