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The Customer Data Platform for B2B

Modern B2B Teams Need a New Operating System

We believe that modern, data-driven teams need to break down silos and use data to collaborate and drive growth.  The key is to pull together data from existing systems (including sales, marketing, support, product and finance) and use it to find the answers that drive growth.  But massive spreadsheets are not a scalable solution, and armies of SQL analysts with business intelligence platforms are too expensive in time and money.  Rekener's founders have been there and tried all the alternatives.  We knew there was a better way.

We created Rekener to automate all the data wrangling and make it easy for sales and marketing teams to figure out how to use data to drive growth.  Rekener's Customer Data Platform transforms B2B teams into data-driven growth machines. That means we help with 3 things.


We bring together data from multiple systems


We transform the data to make it usable


We put easy to use applications directly in the hands of sales and marketing leaders

Rekener is a Customer Data Platform for B2B.  No more silos, data overload or tool fatigue.  One operating system for modern, data-driven sales and marketing.

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Use Cases in Action

Black Duck Case Study

Rekener's 360 Degree Customer View Reveals Hidden Value in Black Duck's Business


IdeaPaint increases channel velocity with Rekener

IdeaPaint uses Rekener to get a huge return on their data


EnterpriseDB Case Study

EnterpriseDB Gains End-to-End Visibility for their Business With Rekener