Frequently Asked Questions about Rekener’s Products & Services

A. Rekener offers software and services that help B2B companies maximize recurring revenue and empowers the BizOps teams that make it happen. We’re a group of self-described BizOps geeks who understand the strategic value and insight the operations team brings to the table. To learn more about how companies can win in the BizOps era, read about the potential of Account Lifecycle Management. We’re really passionate about this stuff; if you are too, we encourage you to read more:

We named our software the Account Control Center because it works the way a military command and control center does. By bringing in data from key customer-facing systems, Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, web analytics and product engagement, the Account Control Center helps BizOps and go-to-market teams in B2B companies align resources around the accounts most likely to drive recurring revenue. It helps BizOps teams develop insight from account lifecycle data, no matter what the source, and turn that insight into action.

B2B go-to-market teams use the Account Control Center to help:

  • Land the right net new business

  • Master their land and expand strategy

  • Reduce churn

  • Find optimal market segments

  • Optimize territories and

  • Run targeted cross-sell campaigns

Founded by BizOps experts, Rekener offers Strategic BizOps Expert Services on an ongoing or as-needed basis to augment your existing operational resources. Our team uses the Account Control Center software to help you identify accounts, segments and territories where you have the greatest opportunity to make an impact on revenue growth. Our team works with yours to define and oversee efforts to help get you on track to succeed.

The Account Control Center software combines the power of a custom data warehouse with the flexibility of a spreadsheet yet it only takes a few minutes to set up. Rekener's software has an intuitive user interface that lets you see information by account, by groups of accounts, or across your business as a whole. You can also “pivot”  to analyze business performance by product, opportunity type, marketing campaigns, sales rep or sales team, or other important variables. The Account Control Center automatically integrates data from your Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, web analytics and product engagement software and brings it all into one place. This lets the BizOps analyst easily understand the data by geography, product, vertical or any other important metric, so you can prioritize which accounts to pursue and identify the specific leads and contacts to target. Our unique Push to Campaign feature means you can click one button to push these lists directly into Salesforce to ensure the sales reps are always pursuing the right contacts.

We offer three ways to work with Rekener:

  • The Free 30-day Pilot Program lets you explore how our Account Control Center software can help you drive your revenue growth strategy.

  • The Salesforce Edition is great for companies who need the power of a data warehouse for their Salesforce data in order to gain better visibility and understanding of their business. At $1600/month, the Salesforce Edition is a fully functional version of the Rekener Account Control Center, and includes 6 hours a month of our Strategic BizOps Expert Services.

  • The Lifecycle Edition is perfect for those organizations that want to up their BizOps game, adding marketing automation, web analytics, and product engagement data to their Salesforce CRM data. It also offers support for custom data integrations, and our unique Push to Campaign feature. Pricing is based on your unique needs, and includes Strategic BizOps Expert Services.

We think that predictive analytics tools are useful for prioritizing conversions from one specific funnel stage to another. Predictive lead scoring, for instance, usually does a good job of determining which leads will convert to opportunities or to deals.  By comparison, the Rekener Account Control Center uses a holistic view of the entire account lifecycle to help you figure out how to land and grow accounts that will have the highest lifetime value. The difference isn’t small: we're talking about a 10x difference in lifetime value in many cases, between “easy to land” accounts (the ones that predictive scoring finds) and “high LTV accounts” (the ones that the Account Control Center finds). We find that things like lead scores are very helpful attributes that can be used to help filter leads and contacts in the Account Control Center, but they are only one of many lifecycle attributes to consider.

Business intelligence, or BI, is about reporting while the Rekener Account Control Center is about operating.

BI tools are great at generating reports that help you describe and understand your business. They tend to look at historical data and the reports are static. Rekener's analytics are dynamic and designed to be prescriptive. Most importantly, BI tools give you information, while the Rekener Account Control Center lets you find the right accounts and give them to the sales team.

Right now, we have integrations that can be completed in less than 10 minutes with Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpotMixpanel, and Zendesk.  We also have an outbound integration with Slack.  We can do custom integrations as well via our API for customers of our Lifecycle Edition.  We’re also always thinking of what the next integration we should do is, so if you have an idea, let us know and we might build it for you.

Here's a list of the latest integrations.

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