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We're hiring Growth Executives and BizOps Strategists

Amazing opportunity to join Rekener's team as a Growth Executive or BizOps Strategist

We believe that modern sales leaders need data to succeed.  Rekener's products automate all the number crunching so sales leaders can focus on selling.

Companies like Zoom Video, Black Duck, Acquia, Zaius, SalesLoft and many others are using Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards product to take their teams to the next level. 

We Have...

Join Rekener as a Growth Executive or BizOps Strategist.  Work side by side with the founding team to build a great company.
  • a great team

  • amazing products and

  • fantastic customers

This is a rare opportunity to be one of the first 20 employees at a high growth company.  Every member of the team has the ability to have a direct impact of the direction and growth of the company.  

We're looking for people who have a passion for helping customers.  Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards application is scaling fast.  Our Growth Execs and BizOps Strategists collaborate with customers and with each other to deliver tremendous value.  If you have career ambitions and you want to join an early stage company on a high growth trajectory, this is the place to do it.

Come work with us in our Charlestown, MA office.  Send us a note at

Growth Executive

We’re a SaaS startup looking to bring on a Growth Executive who will be responsible for selling Rekener’s Sales Rep Scorecard application.  We consider this a “full-cycle” inside sales position which means you’ll be involved in all aspects from lead generation to closing deals.  

In this role you will...

  • Close new business and consistently achieve sales goals

  • Follow up on inbound leads and identify, qualify and close prospects

  • Outboard sourcing of prospects, and follow up with them

  • Build relationships with key stakeholders, manage those relationships well, and know your customer’s value drivers

  • Work with the internal teams regarding customer requirements and ensuring a smooth hand off to a Solutions / Customer Success team

  • Evangelize the power of Sales Rep Scorecards

If you’re right for us, you’re experienced and good at...

  • Quickly identifying potential deals and moving those deals through the sales process

  • Identifying customer pain points and demonstrating how a solution can address those pain points

  • Running demos and opportunity qualifications

  • Building and maintaining consistent activity levels - inbound lead follow up and outboard sourcing and email / call cadences

  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and prospects

  • Proficiency and accuracy in forecasting

  • Managing all information in Salesforce

  • Talking about budgets and pricing with customers and prospects

  • Managing your time, prioritizing your work and staying focused

  • Using communication tools that enable a high degree of collaboration, both in real time as well as in asynchronous mode - such as Slack, Trello, Salesforce

You will have the following skills and experience...

  • A minimum of 2 years of SMB SaaS selling experience (specifically, inside experience)

  • An appreciation for the value of analytics

  • Ability to forecast and close deals

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Skilled conversationalist

  • A drive for results attitude

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related discipline

  • The personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and commitment to corporate mission

We have...

  • A culture that is built on the foundation of mutual trust

  • Vision, experience and dedication

  • A collaborative, high-performing team

  • An openness to new ideas

A day in the life (well, at our current stage but could change)...

  • We do a daily Growth stand-up to review:

    • Qual calls, demos, and opps created

    • Current month targets and deals tracking to close

    • Current customer status/updates

    • Things we learned the previous day

  • You’ll find new prospects and

    • Put them into sales cadences

    • Follow up with hot inbound leads to get them onto a demo

    • Participate in prospect demos to qualify new opportunities

    • Work on opportunities to communicate value to all the necessary stakeholders and close the deal!

  • We collaborate and communicate in person and in Slack all day long

  • Exchange a Meme and laugh once in awhile...okay, probably more than once in awhile

  • Celebrate our wins!

Click here to learn more about Rekener.  Come work with us! We're a small, organized and productive team with a culture that is built on the foundation of trust and respect.  We'll crush our goals, learn a bunch and have fun!  Interested in learning more?  Reach out to us at

BizOps Strategist

We’re a SaaS startup looking to bring on a BizOps Strategist. This is a customer strategy and analytics role.  BizOps Strategists are subject matter experts and work with our prospects and customers to show them how to leverage our Sales Rep Scorecards application as well as other Rekener apps available on our powerful platform.

This is a rare opp to work in an early stage startup, wear lots of hats, and have a direct impact on the success of the company.

In this role you will...

  • Work with prospects to understand their KPIs and performance targets, and guide them through our demo and trial process to becoming a customer

  • Work with customers on onboarding, implementation, and training of our Sales Rep Scorecards and Account Based Analytics applications

  • Provide advanced analytics services for customers that purchase Rekener’s services packages.  Examples are territory analysis, account scoring and allocation, and product analytics

  • Work with customers to educate them on new features inside Rekener’s applications to help them maximize the value they get from our apps and platform

  • Collaborate with and provide feedback to our Growth, Product, and Engineering teams

You’re right for us if you’re good at...

  • Sales and marketing strategy and analytics

  • Working with customers

  • Solving problems

  • BizOps systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk

You have…

  • A strong passion for helping customers succeed

  • Interest in learning new technologies

  • A desire and skills to teach others

  • A patient, upbeat and friendly temperament when working with customers

  • A sense of humor and positive energy

  • A reputation of being a team-player

  • Strong communication skills (written, verbal, presentation)

  • Experience with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM

  • Solid excel experience building analysis and formulas

  • A plus if you have experience with

    • SQL

    • Other BizOps systems such as Mixpanel, Zendesk, NetSuite, Gainsight, Looker, Xactly, etc

  • Motivation - you’re a self-starter and really good at follow up and meeting deadlines

  • Spunk - you’re not afraid to take a risk, acknowledge and learn from your mistakes and move on

  • The confidence to share your opinions and ideas on how we can improve

  • 2-4 years of relevant work experience (in sales or marketing ops, or as a business analyst)

  • Experience in high-growth tech / SaaS environment a plus

A day in the life (well, at our current stage but could change)...

  • Participate in our daily Growth stand-up to review:

    • Activity metrics and how the team is doing against goals

    • Current customer status/updates

    • Things we learned the previous day

  • You’ll work with our Growth team and prospects to

    • Demonstrate the value of Sales Rep Scorecards

    • Get prospects set up in our app to set them up for a successful trial

  • You’ll work with new and current customers...

    • To help them extract maximum value from their data in Rekener

    • Put together amazing dashboards and reports that they were never able to previously

    • Run regular weekly meetings with specific customers

  • We collaborate and communicate in person and in Slack all day long

  • Exchange a Meme and laugh once in awhile...okay, probably more than once in awhile

  • Celebrate our wins!

Click here to learn more about Rekener. Come work with us! We’re a small, organized and productive team with a culture that is built on the foundation of trust and respect. We’ll crush our goals, learn a bunch and have fun!   Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at

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