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5 Salesforce data pitfalls and how companies are using Rekener to get over them.

5 Salesforce Data Pitfalls and How to Get Over Them

ALEX LAATS | Mar 13, 2018

At Rekener, we spend every day helping companies use their data to increase sales velocity. Rekener's BizOps platform finds patterns in data that unlock understanding of what drives sales velocity.  Rekener finds the right leads and contacts to feed to the right sales people at the right time.  Using Rekener, best in class BizOps teams use data to unlock winning strategies and then translate those strategies into action on the sales floor.

Land and Expand Survey

2018 B2B Land & Expand Survey Part 2 - Exploring Best Practices

ALEX LAATS | Mar 06, 2018

In Part 1 of the 2018 B2B Land & Expand Survey Report, we concluded that evaluating Expansion revenue by the 4 distinct Expansion types (Upsell, Cross-sell, Price, Users) helps us identify which teams and approaches make the most sense to generate growth through Expansion.  Here in Part 2, Exploring Best Practices, we address how to put teams and incentives in place to make Expansion revenue happen.

Sales Velocity Equation

7 Thoughts About Sales Velocity

GREGORY KESHIAN | Feb 28, 2018

Many people say that the Sales Velocity Equation is the single best metric to use to determine the effectiveness of sales efforts.  Let’s explore it.

What is sales velocity?  

It’s not that complicated.  You take (opps created x ASP x win rate) and divide by sales cycle.  It measures how much sales volume you’d expect to produce in a given period of time.

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