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Customer Data Platforms put data analytics in the hands of sales marketing and success managers

Democratize Data Analytics with a Customer Data Platform for B2B

ALEX LAATS | Aug 26, 2018
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are the operating system for customer-centric businesses.  But, the notion of using data to be more customer-centric is not new.  So, what makes CDPs so transformational for B2B? This post explains how CDPs put the power of analytical applications directly into the hands of line of business managers.
4 elements of Customer Data Platforms for B2B

4 Elements of a Customer Data Platform for B2B

ALEX LAATS | Aug 20, 2018
In this blog post, we'll explore the four critical elements of a Customer Data Platform for B2B: (1) integration of customer data from multiple sources; (2) cleaning up and joining of data into a 360 degree view of customers; (3) analysis of data to generate insights about how to land, expand and renew the best customers; and (4) prioritization of go-to-market activities to drive revenue growth.
Scoring Sales Reps

Why You Should Be Scoring Sales Reps

MIKE LAWSON | Aug 09, 2018
It's hard to parse through dozens of KPI's to figure out which reps are performing well. A great approach is to weight each of these KPI's and score reps based on a combination of all of them. Read on to hear the challenges with assessing reps across dozens of metrics, and why scoring can lead to better coaching and output.
Aaron Bloomfield 3 Ways Sales Leaders Can Get Sales Reps to Own Sales Metrics

3 Ways to Get Reps to Own Their Sales Metrics

GREGORY KESHIAN | Aug 04, 2018

Metrics can be a sales leader’s secret weapon.  The best CRO's, VP's and Directors of Sales manage their teams to hit the metrics they need to support the overall quota.  They achieve consistency by creating a plan and hitting it.

The best sales leaders also instill ownership of these metrics by their reps.  When reps own their metrics, it's a mindset shift that turns them from reactive into proactive businesspeople with a goal and a plan for how to get there. 

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