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What a sales rep scorecard is and how it helps your business

How Sales Rep Scorecards Help Your Business

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 10, 2018

Tracking sales data is essential to keeping your team working at maximum efficiency. Looking at all the sales and marketing data you have, over long periods of time can give a company valuable insight into trends and pitfalls. But what if you want to look at data on a team-by-team or a rep-by-rep basis? A sales scorecard can condense information into an easily read format.  This helps management identify individual issues that may affect a team's long-term performance.

Salesforce cross object reporting by sales rep

Salesforce Cross-Object Reporting by Sales Rep

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 05, 2018

Cross-object reporting is one of the things that Salesforce is just not designed to do.  It frustrates sales leaders, sales ops people, and anyone else that’s looking to build meaningful reports to assess sales performance.  This post talks about what cross-object reporting is, and how you can make it happen.

Sales managers visibility into KPIs

Sales Rep Scorecards Allow Sales Managers To See the Big Picture

GREGORY KESHIAN | Oct 04, 2018

In order to be an effective sales manager, you need to be able to accurately gauge how your sales team is performing as a whole, as well as being able to track the performance of individual sales reps and provide meaningful feedback to them. You will never be able to help the team improve if you do not keep track of overall results, and you will never be able to give feedback that's valuable on an individual level if you do not keep track of key performance indicators and weight them appropriately to give an accurate picture of how each individual is performing.

Coordinating marketing and sales

Three Reasons To Track Marketing And Sales KPIs Together

JOHN BYRNE | Oct 02, 2018

Siloed data is often a huge problem for a business, particularly one in growth mode. The consequences of data that’s not shared across an entire company include terminology inconsistencies, lack of a consistent vision, strategies created by incomplete data, and the inability to pivot quickly when challenges arise.

leading indicators for sales managers to track

Leading Indicators for Sales Managers to Track

GREGORY KESHIAN | Sep 20, 2018

I frequently get asked by customers about leading performance indicators for sales reps.  The thing they want to know is: "how do I know if I'm on track to hit targets before it's too late?"  

Great question, glad you asked.

Here are four KPIs that you can use to track your reps, your team and your company.  These early indicators will give you a heads up that something is off the rails before it's too late to course-correct.

Automate Your Data Warehouse with Rekener's Customer Data Platform For B2B

Automate Your Data Warehouse with Rekener's Customer Data Platform For B2B

ALEX LAATS | Sep 01, 2018
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are the operating system for customer-centric businesses.  But, the notion of using data to be more customer-centric is not new.  So, what makes CDPs so transformational for B2B? This post explains how Rekener's CDP automates data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) to make your data warehouse project easy.

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