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Lead Response Analytics - Digging up Gold

GREGORY KESHIAN | Apr 11, 2019

Sales leaders worldwide use Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards to get better results from their sales teams.  I'm one of them.

At Rekener, we generate a few dozen inbound leads every week, and they get routed to our sales.  Our sales team follows up with those leads to set demos.  I encourage them to try at least 5 times to call each lead.

Sales enablement teams are dealing with an explosion of B2B sales data.  Data about sales reps is now in the CRM, content distribution system, sales training platform, call recording system, sales engagement tools and spreadsheets.

The Explosion of B2B Sales Data for Sales Enablement

ALEX LAATS | Feb 11, 2019
Sales enablement has a data problem.  It's all about ramping up sales reps and improving performance over time.  But data about sales reps is all over the place.  In this blog post, I'll break down the datascape for sales enablement and then explore options for how to bring all this data together into a comprehensive view of sales reps.

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