Repsly Gains World-Class Sales Reporting on HubSpot CRM

World-class sales reporting with HubSpot CRM

The Repsly Story

Repsly empowers retail execution teams to achieve peak performance in the field and maximize their impact on sales. Their best-in-class software equips teams with the real-time data and tools they need to take the right action in the right store at the right time to have the biggest impact for their brand.

Jamison Newall, Director of Sales, is responsible for managing Repsly’s sales team, which includes business development reps (BDRs) as well as both Mid-Market and Enterprise account executives (AEs).  

Repsly’s business runs on HubSpot CRM, which makes it easy for Jamison’s team to perform their sales workflow and enter data. The problem was that HubSpot CRM didn’t give Jamison what he needed for sales analytics and reporting.  Specifically, Jamison needed a solution that could give him:

Repsly uses sales rep scorecards to track pipeline coverage, build forecast, and measure conversion rates with HubSpot data



Forecasting with his HubSpot CRM data was a critical need for Jamison.  The business depends on Jamison to provide accurate monthly sales projections in easy-to-use reports.  

In HubSpot, Jamison couldn’t put together an easy-to-consume, weighted forecast.  In Sales Rep Scorecards, Jamison has a concise, easy-to-use, dynamic forecast. His forecast takes the pipeline in each stage, and weights it by the probability of closing, to get a weighted pipeline number.  The projection, plus the amount that’s already closed, is Jamison’s full projection for the period.

Jamison was able to use his historical close rates to build this forecast.  Sales Rep Scorecards track the conversion rate of deals from each stage to closed won.  Those historical close rates were used to give the most accurate projection of what each rep will close in the period.

The forecast is easy to see at a rolled-up level, and also broken down by each rep.  That lets Jamison make sure that each rep is in good shape on pipeline coverage and forecast coverage, compared to their quotas.  If they are not, Jamison can get involved early to help the rep identify which actions to take to put them in a stronger position to hit quota.

Weighted forecast by stage using HubSpot CRM data.


Rep 1-on-1s

With a bunch of direct reports, it was very difficult and time-consuming for Jamison to get all of the performance data about each rep into a useful view.  HubSpot’s reporting makes it very difficult to bring together all the activity and performance data for each rep into one screen. And, HubSpot has dashboards that can be created, but HubSpot does not allow you to make scorecards.

Once Jamison started using Sales Rep Scorecards, this all changed.  Instead of relying on many HubSpot reports, or spreadsheets that were time-consuming to pull together, Jamison started using Sales Rep Scorecards for all of his 1-on-1s.

“Scorecards add a ton of value during 1-on-1s. Really cool showing reps their numbers against their colleagues opposed to a goal - makes for a very productive and insightful meeting.”

Sales Rep Scorecards allow Jamison to benchmark reps against peers, show trends and progress over time, and track performance against goals.  It makes coaching reps a simple task, instead of a wild goose chase through dozens of CRM reports and spreadsheets.

Repsly runs sales one-on-ones using Sales Rep Scorecards and rep benchmarks with their HubSpot CRM data


Conversion Rates

Repsly needs to know conversion rates through the full sales funnel.  Conversion rates are critical indicators of what is working and what isn’t.  They help Repsly’s senior management assess the quality of the business model and make decisions about allocation of resources.

Jamison needed a way to measure the conversion rates from step to step in order to identify bottlenecks and project how the business could scale if it increased the top of its funnel.  In HubSpot, Jamison wasn’t able to build dynamic, cross-object reports. Instead, the only way he was able to calculate conversion rates was to pull data out to spreadsheets and calculate conversion rates manually every time, which was time-consuming and error-prone.

In the Sales Rep Scorecards application, Jamison was able to easily map out the whole sales process, and measure the conversion rates from each step to the next.  This provided the critical information required to build projections and the budget and plan for next year. These conversion rates update automatically as new data comes in, so conversion rates can be monitored and optimized on a daily basis.

Automated Reporting

Finally, Jamison needed a way to distribute the important performance data out to the rest of the management team at Repsly.  Sales Rep Scorecards makes this easy. Any reports, scorecards, or dashboards can be set up to send out automatically via email or Slack.  This let Jamison set up reports that go out to the rest of the team each morning that update them on the status of sales month-to-date.


With minimal setup effort, and no in-house sales operations or analytics team, Jamison was able to get Repsly world-class reporting while on HubSpot CRM.  He has all the answers he needs on-demand and can improve the performance of his reps by knowing where they need help, and how he can coach them.

Repsly has gotten a huge ROI using Sales Rep Scorecards with HubSpot

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