What's a BizOps Hacker?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked. ; )

We at Rekener happen to think that being part of the BizOps team means you’re in the most interesting part of the business. Seriously—you work at the intersection of process and performance, which means you’re wired into the people, data, and systems that make the company run. You know how the model is designed to work, whether it’s working or not, and where it could be improved.

We’re not the only ones thinking about you BizOps Hackers out there.

  • Dan Yoo at NerdWallet says the BizOps team is “the hottest team in tech.” He should know. From 2009 to 2014 while at LinkedIn, Dan grew the BizOps team from 0 to 120 members while helping the company grow from 50M members and $120M in revenue to more than 275M members and $1.5B. In just one example of the contribution of Dan’s BizOps team, they looked at LinkedIn’s hiring solution business, which was generating revenue in the tens of millions at the time. After developing a plan that showed how hiring more salespeople could yield significant results, the team got the green light to move forward. The result? Revenues for the hiring services business grew to an impressive $1.3 billion. No surprise, then, that Dan brought the BizOps function to a later role at NerdWallet.
  • Elizabeth Crouch at Usermind sees BizOps as “the digital transformation of your business plan.” She notes that BizOps teams are chartered with operating at a more strategic level than many other groups, and that they aren’t limited by departmental barriers or roles. Once marketing, sales, and customer service teams are aligned around the customer lifecycle, she says, the BizOps team can bring a unique and innovative perspective to improve the bottom line.

At Rekener, we like to think of BizOps as the strategic intersection where process meets performance. It’s a function led by people who bring a strategic, long-term view of things, but who also seriously geek out when it comes to experimentation, data analysis, and problem solving. A fearless blend of the conceptual, analytical and creative, BizOps Hackers are the heroes in sales ops, marketing ops, finance and customer success who put the customer first, setting aside notions about what my department does or what your department is responsible for, and whether our KPIs conflict or not. They have an innate ability to see opportunities to make everything better, and then find a way to move the levers in the business that can make it happen. We think they’re awesome.

How has the strategic application of BizOps transformed your business?

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Stephanie Fox

Steph served as Rekener’s Community Manager and CMO. A Rekener co-founder, she was previously Senior Director of Marketing at CCC, a $300M+ recurring revenue business, and served in marketing leadership roles at Vertical, @stake, Informio, DotContent and Meridian. Her first recurring revenue role was as an inside sales rep selling real-time stock pricing subscriptions.

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