Strategic BizOps Webinar — Getting Unstuck: Overcoming Barriers to Revenue Growth

Upcoming BizOps Webinar Getting Unstuck Overcoming Obstacles to Revenue Growth featuring Stephen Hallowell VP Sales Enablement and Operations at Mulesoft and Alex Laats CEO and Founder of Rekener

We've got an upcoming strategic BizOps webinar for B2B businesses trying to address an all too common issue: what to do when revenue gets stuck.

It happens to many SaaS businesses: the number of new bookings starts to climb, existing customers begin to buy more, and revenue appears to be moving in the right direction. But for many companies, there comes a time when revenue growth slows and eventually gets stuck. 

Revenue slowdowns can be due to a number of factors, from not fully understanding customer needs, to delivering the incorrect product mix to using a suboptimal go-to-market model, and more. In a fast-moving and competitive market, how can leadership teams work together to identify which factors are contributing to a revenue slowdown in order to quickly develop the right path forward?

This 60-minute webinar on Tuesday 12 September at 2PM Eastern will explore this exciting topic, and features sales enablement and operations expert Stephen Hallowell of Mulesoft. He'll share real-world examples of how go-to-market teams identified the factors that contribute to getting stuck and then developed smart programs to restart effective revenue growth. And Rekener's own Alex Laats will wrap up Stephen's presentation with a discussion about using your account lifecycle data for insights into opportunities to maximize recurring revenue.

Topics include:

  • Monitoring your recurring revenue business for signs of getting stuck

  • Monitoring evolving  buyer types to inform value prop and go to market efforts

  • Helping customers establish a vision that includes your solution to lock out the competition

  • Upleveling the skills and processes in sales, marketing, success and service teams to ensure alignment across the growth organization

We hope you'll join us!

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Stephanie Fox

Steph served as Rekener’s Community Manager and CMO. A Rekener co-founder, she was previously Senior Director of Marketing at CCC, a $300M+ recurring revenue business, and served in marketing leadership roles at Vertical, @stake, Informio, DotContent and Meridian. Her first recurring revenue role was as an inside sales rep selling real-time stock pricing subscriptions.

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