Top Sales Metrics June 2019

Top sales metrics June 2019

At Rekener, we've compiled a glossary of sales metrics.  These KPIs help sales leaders manage their business and get better performance from their teams and reps by driving them in the right direction.

Our metrics glossary describes each sales metric, what it's used for, some example calculations, and also how to calculate it using Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data.  We generate a fair amount of web traffic of sales leaders coming to our site to learn how to calculate these KPIs for their teams. 

We decided to take a look at which ones are most popular, as measured by the total amount of web visits.  Below are the top 15 sales KPIs based on their web traffic in June 2019.  Just click on any of the metrics to get an overview of it, as well as how to calculate it.  For some context, most of our customers are SaaS businesses, and so you could think of this list as the top sales metrics for SaaS businesses.  But most of them are also relevant for other industries as well.

Top 15 Sales KPIs - June 2019

The top 3 metrics of the month were Lead Conversion Rate, Pipeline Coverage, and Sales Velocity.  These are 3 powerful metrics, and if you're able to effectively track all 3, they provide great instrumentation for your business. 

Tracking Lead Conversion Rate will alert you if the quality of your leads is declining.  Pipeline Coverage will help you assess whether you've got enough opportunities in the tank to hit your quota, or whether you need to focus on prospecting more pipeline.  And Sales Velocity helps you understand whether you are efficiently closing that pipeline at a great enough speed, and large enough size.  Tracking Sales Velocity trends over time is extremely valuable, especially if you're investing in new market segments.

We are always adding to our sales metrics glossary, and if there's a metric that's not in our list that you really want more information on, let us know!

We work with some of the best and fastest-growing sales organizations in the world.  For a free data-driven sales assessment by one of our data-driven sales experts, schedule some time with us.  We'd will get to know your business and make recommendations for a framework and some metrics you can use to get better performance from your team.

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