We're Out of Stealth Mode: Meet the Rekener Account Control Center

We’re Out of Stealth Mode: Meet the Rekener Account Control Center

I’m pleased to introduce you to the Rekener Account Control Center, the first entrant in a new category of B2B sales and marketing software called Account Lifecycle Management.  

Account Lifecycle Management helps strategic BizOps people (including sales ops, marketing ops, FP&A and customer success teams) drive alignment of the entire business around the one metric that matters most: account lifetime value, or LTV.

In the recurring revenue era, winning is defined by the ability to drive account LTV. BizOps competence at managing the account lifecycle will be as critical to business success as traditional sales and marketing skills.

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We founded Rekener with a vision to help B2B recurring revenue businesses achieve and sustain meaningful long-term growth by aligning marketing, sales, and customer success teams — led by the strategic BizOps function — around the power of account LTV.

The traditional go-to-market pipeline was built to drive activity volume in each phase of the pipeline, including marketing, sales, support and customer success. Though this approach will produce initial growth, that growth will eventually slow as the business struggles to add new business at a pace greater than churn. In order to maintain growth, businesses tend to spend more money to drive more activity, yet the return for every dollar of sales and marketing investments becomes worse and worse. Further, because the pipeline divides the organization into functional stovepipes, not everyone agrees about which investments will produce more growth.

The key to success in recurring revenue businesses is to align the entire go-to-market team around account LTV. The way to do that is through Account Lifecycle Management which provides a holistic view of every account. With Account Lifecycle Management, go-to-market teams can understand which accounts drive LTV and then align the business to prioritize sales, marketing and support activities that will grow account LTV most efficiently. The Rekener Account Control Center helps strategic BizOps teams discover opportunities to grow account LTV and translate the analysis into daily action that puts the company on a path to sustained growth.

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– Alex

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Alex Laats

Alex is CEO and Founder of Rekener. Previously, he served as President and COO at ZeroTurnaround and as President of the Delta Division of BBN Technologies. At ZeroTurnaround, he grew high velocity inside sales by 6x in 3 years. At BBN, Alex co-founded RAMP and AVOKE, both recurring SaaS businesses based on BBN's world class speech recognition and natural language processing tech. Alex started his entrepreneurial career as founder and COO of NBX Corporation, which led the transformation of business telephone systems to Voice over IP. Alex’s companies have generated $500M in liquidity events and more than $1B in sales.

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