Sales Reports: Templates and Tools

Sales reports, templates and tools

Often, the key to success in business is having the right information to make decisions with. It's also an area of difficulty for many companies. One of the main obstacles to using information effectively is converting data into usable insight. For a sales team, having the right sales reports is essential.

When you have too much data, it can be hard to put it into a format that's digestible.  But if you have too little data then you have no way to understand how your team is performing, and no basis for making decisions. Creating a sales reporting template that you use consistently to examine your metrics is a great way to get snapshots of your performance and also evaluate trends over time.

Having a report can be as simple as developing or finding a basic spreadsheet template that you can plug numbers into. Of course, if your time is limited, you may want to employ sales report tools that can do a lot of the legwork for you.

Sales Performance Reporting

The biggest question in sales performance is: how much did you sell?  At the end of the day, all sales teams are seeking to maximize top line sales. However, simply looking at this number, even over time, doesn’t offer much insight.

Instead, it is valuable to collect data from the entire sales funnel. For example, you may want to include in your sales report your conversion rate from leads to opportunities. Mapping the conversion rate at each stage of the sales pipeline can help you identify bottlenecks.

Similarly, it's useful to have insight into the performance of each sales rep. This will help you compare reps and determine where your strongest and weakest points are. For example, you may learn that one sales rep is great at setting demos but less effective at closing.

The right sales report templates can make this kind of insight easier to find. But manual spreadsheets and CRM reports can often be more time consuming than helpful, because you end up spending so much time creating and updating them.

Sales Report Software

Much of the effort of collecting and organizing sales metrics can be achieved with the right sales report software. Rather than using a template that you must manually populate, the tool can give you on-demand access to useful, customizable reports. Some important features of effective sales report tools include:

  • Integration with sales funnel tools such as your customer relationship management software

  • Powerful turnkey reports such as sales rep scorecards and pipeline analysis

  • Customizable metrics to let you match the tool to your team’s needs

  • Tracking metrics over time for easy trend analysis

  • Simple-to-use interface to get the job done with less hassle

  • Fast, no-expertise-required setup

These characteristics will allow your tools to work for you, rather than requiring you to work to get them working. While the existing sales report templates you can find for your favorite spreadsheet software or in your CRM may seem sufficient, chances are you will find yourself spending more time gathering information and less time understanding your business’ performance.

Get the Reports You Need With Sales Rep Scorecards

Sales Rep Scorecards is a powerful sales reporting app that can aggregate your sales metrics and produce insightful reports. With integration points with popular CRMs such as SalesForce and HubSpot as well as spreadsheet integration, Rekener automatically gathers all your key performance indicators.

These metrics are then presented in several turnkey reports. Alternatively, you can create custom metrics for more personalized insight. Some of our reports include:

  • Sales reporting: an aggregate of your sales KPIs

  • Sales rep scoring: a snapshot of each rep’s performance

  • Pipeline analysis: insight into your funnel conversion rates

  • Sales one-on-ones: data to help you give feedback to your team

  • Sales team management: comparative reporting on your whole team’s performance

This powerful functionality will give you on-demand access to sales reporting. That is the kind of insight every manager needs to make the right decisions for his or her team.

Understanding Your Sales Process

Selling is a complex process with many obstacles between a prospective customer becoming aware of your company and making a purchase. Rekener can help you understand this process with you KPI reports as well as the pipeline analysis report. The former allows you to see your overall performance and the latter helps you understand each stage of the pipeline.

With this information in hand, you may discover that your prospecting process is turning up too many unqualified leads. When you understand your pipeline, you can make the improvements your business needs to grow.

Managing Your Sales Team

Managing your sales representatives is essential. Of course, looking solely at sales figures may not be sufficient. That is what Rekener offers a sales rep scoring report. This shows your activity volume and conversion rate throughout the pipeline for each rep. Additionally, our one-on-one report makes it easier to give the right feedback to your people.

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To learn more about Rekener request a demo. Alternatively, start a free trial to start exploring yourself. With Rekener, you will have easy access to valuable sales insight.

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