Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot Hits Certified Status

Sales Rep Scorecards is a certified partner in the HubSpot app marketplace

I'm proud and excited to announce that Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards app for HubSpot CRM is now Certified in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  

We launched Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot under a year ago.  In that time, we've worked with amazing companies and helped them

  • Get amazing reporting with their HubSpot sales data
  • Gain visibility into pipeline and forecasts by rep and by team
  • Run fantastic 1-on-1s between reps and managers using rep benchmarking
  • Report on data that's difficult in HubSpot, like Products and Line Items

In order to achieve Certified status in the HubSpot App Marketplace, Sales Rep Scorecards passed the HubSpot criteria, including

  • Over 50 installs through the Marketplace
  • Audit by the HubSpot team on functionality and setup
  • Security review by HubSpot

We love partnering with HubSpot.  The HubSpot CRM is simple for sales reps to use.  When combined with Sales Rep Scorecards, HubSpot is a fantastic CRM to run any size business on.  We've even had customers report that they were able to stay on HubSpot instead of switching to Salesforce CRM, because Sales Rep Scorecards gave them the reporting visibility they needed to run their business on HubSpot.

We've also been fortunate to work with some fantastic companies using HubSpot CRM, and they've said some very nice things in return. 

Rekener makes it easy to have a full perspective into their sales funnel and neatly presents it with your peers to provide valuable insight into what you are doing well, where you can improve and who is excelling in particular categories.

I highly recommend Rekener for any company looking to enhance their [HubSpot] reporting capability. The possibilities are endless and the support we have received so far is superior!

HubSpot did not prove useful in reporting performance against plan across multiple product lines. Rekener [Sales Rep Scorecards] fills that gap admirably. 

You can get started with Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot in less than 5 minutes by connecting HubSpot to Sales Rep Scorecards. We will have you up and running with amazing, customized pipeline reporting, forecasting, sales rep benchmarking and KPI analytics within hours.

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Gregory Keshian

Greg is COO and Co-Founder at Rekener. Greg’s career has been focused on using data to grow recurring revenue businesses. Before joining Rekener, he served as VP of Operations at ZeroTurnaround, where he built its strategy and operations practice, ran customer success and renewals, helped to grow and coach its high-velocity sales organization, and optimize its marketing efforts. Prior to that, he ran the BizOps and marketing functions for the AVOKE call center analytics business, a SaaS company within BBN Technologies. He got his start using data to improve sales and marketing efforts while at AppNeta. Greg is also a member of the Revenue Collective.

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