Creating a Sales Rep Dashboard

Create a sales rep dashboard

Dashboards are table-stakes for sales managers.  Sales managers need to know if they’re on track to hit their goals, and if not, which areas need the most attention.

One of the big issues with setting up a sales dashboard is that there are so many potential metrics out there, how do you possibly narrow it down to one screen?

My advice anytime I am setting up a dashboard for a client is to start by keeping it simple. Make sure that if you add a table or chart that it’s relevant toward the business goals you want to drive your sales team to.

Break your dashboard into sections

I recommend breaking the dashboard into sections and have a few key business metrics per section. The sections I recommend using are

  • Results

  • Efficiency

  • Sales Activity

  • Pipeline Generation

  • Forecast

Within each section, it’s important to display the information both at a team level and an individual rep level.


Start with the most important metrics. Businesses run on sales so it’s important to put that front and center. If you have a tool like Rekener that you can feed quotas into and track those over time, I would advise to build this section with: 

  • Bookings

  • Quota

  • Quota Achievement

You want to track this for the team as a whole, and for each rep.  These two components of your dashboard should look like the ones below.


Bookings by rep for sales dashboard

Quota attainment by rep for sales dashboard


Efficiency metrics

Right after results based metrics I always advise to add in some efficiency metrics. For instance,

  • Close Rate

  • ASP

  • Sales Cycle

These are great metrics to track on a rep basis to understand if some reps are closing business at a more efficient rate. If you have a tool that will calculate them automatically at the rep level and display them in a bubble chart, that’s very useful.  Bubble charts and scatter plots make it really easy and clear to see who your most and least efficient sales reps are.

Tom's got a big bubble in the chart below.  He is crushing.


ASP by rep bubble chart for sales dashboard


Sales Activity Metrics

These metrics are all about effort levels. It’s important to be able to see both the activity broken up by type and also by sales rep. If you track activity goals you could also create achievement metrics like with bookings. It should look something like this.

Sales activity metrics by rep in a gridSales activity breakdown by rep in a chart


Pipeline Generation

Next up is pipeline generation. Pipeline generation usually can be summed up in one metric but it’s important to look at the generation over the course of time and for the different reps.

I personally like to use a cumulative view to see not only who’s generated the most pipeline, but when they generated that pipeline. Check out what that looks like here.


Pipeline generation by rep in a line chart


Forecast and Pipeline Coverage

The final section of the dashboard is dedicated to looking forward at a rep’s open pipeline. Not only do I like to look at total open pipeline here but I also like to look at where the pipeline is in the process.

Try breaking out your pipeline by Stage or Probability. If you have quotas on hand you can also calculate one of my favorite metrics, Pipeline Coverage.  Pipeline coverage is a leading indicator that lets you know if a rep has enough pipeline to hit their goal.

Here's an example of how to represent pipeline coverage and forecast on your sales dashboard.

Open pipeline by stage and date in a column chart


Weighted pipeline coverage by sales rep in a bar chart

If you’re looking for a platform to help automate your sales rep dashboards and other sales management needs, come check out what your data looks like inside Rekener!





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