Release Notes: Account Control Center 2017.09.28 Release

Check out the awesome new updates to the Rekener Account Control Center software.

Introducing the Rekener Account Control Center Custom Data Source API

Connect your custom data sources to the Rekener Account Control Center via REST API. The Rekener Custom Sources API lets you call an endpoint to save records from a custom data source into Rekener. These records are then downloaded just like data from standard sources (Salesforce, Marketo, etc.) and go through the same account matching process before appearing in the Rekener Account Control Center. The API can be accessed by POST of JSON over or by using our Javascript package. For more information, see the Custom Sources API article in the Rekener Knowledge Base.

Import Any Salesforce Object

You can now bring data from any Salesforce object into the Account Control Center including custom objects. Users can define joining logic between Salesforce objects and their accounts. Read the Rekener Knowledge Base article about importing other Salesforce objects.

Drill Down Into Any Object

Now you can see the source records of any object, from any system, by clicking on the value of a metric. For instance, if you are looking at the metric that tracks the number of Zendesk tickets with a status of Open, you can now click on the number of tickets to drill down and see the details of each of those open tickets, without leaving the Account Control Center. Read the Rekener Knowledge Base article for details on how to drill into source data.

Push to Campaign Improvements

We’ve updated the Push to Campaign feature to use the Salesforce Bulk API to create Campaign Member records in Salesforce. This means that your leads and contacts will get added to campaigns much more quickly. We also removed the 2,000 record limit so you can now push up to 10,000 records into Salesforce campaigns at a time. Read more about pushing leads and contacts to Salesforce.

Contact me if you have any questions about this new release.

 - Greg

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Gregory Keshian

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