Pipeline History for HubSpot CRM

Sales Rep Scorecards now supports pipeline history tracking for HubSpot CRM

We're excited to announce a new feature for our HubSpot CRM customers - Pipeline History Tracking!  This feature is immediately available for all existing and new customers of Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot CRM.  Sales Rep Scorecards is available in the HubSpot App Marketplace, and Rekener is a Certified HubSpot App Partner. 

Pipeline History Tracking uses HubSpot deal data, and tracks your open pipeline volume by stage over time.  You can see what your historical pipeline was as of any day, week, month, quarter, or year. 

All of your historical HubSpot data is included right away - you don't need to wait to accumulate data over time.  Once you turn on Pipeline History in Sales Rep Scorecards, you'll be able to view all your historical pipeline data from HubSpot.

You can view the historical pipeline broken down:

  • By rep
  • By team
  • For the whole business

Here's an example of a rep's Pipeline History chart.  It is displaying historical pipeline broken down by HubSpot Deal Stage weekly over the last 13 weeks.

Pipeline history by stage with HubSpot CRM data

Tracking pipeline history is critical for sales managers and businesses.  Here are some questions you can answer by tracking pipeline history with your HubSpot CRM data.

  • Are new reps are ramping pipeline up quickly enough, or are they struggling?
  • Is the business growing pipeline overall, or is it flat? 
  • Is your pipeline progressing through deal stages, or getting stuck?
  • Is the beginning of a quarter on par with historical quarters?
  • Do reps hit a plateau of pipeline at a certain point, or do they keep growing it?
  • Do you usually start your quarters with healthy pipeline coverage?

Sales Rep Scorecards has always supported pipeline history tracking for Salesforce.  We are thrilled to be able to release this feature to our HubSpot CRM customers as well.

Pipeline History tracking with HubSpot pairs perfectly with other Sales Rep Scorecard reports like stage progression and stage duration. 

Stage Progression shows you the historical win rates of your deals, based on each stage.  This information is very powerful for building custom forecasts based on stage.

Stage Duration shows you how long it takes for deals to move from one stage to the next.  This lets you find bottlenecks in your process so that you can move deals from open to close faster.

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