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Lead conversion cohorts by week

Sales leaders worldwide use Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards to get better results from their sales teams.  I'm one of them.

At Rekener, we generate a few dozen inbound leads every week, and they get routed to our sales.  Our sales team follows up with those leads to set demos.  I encourage them to try at least 5 times to call each lead.

But, since most of our leads are sales leaders, it's hard to make contact at the end of quarters.  Plus, as you may know, HubSpot had a bit of a meltdown at the end of March, and we use HubSpot for our lead routing.  So things got a little confused in our lead routing at the end of March.

Because I use Sales Rep Scorecards to manage our sales team, I was alerted to a couple of trends:

Lead conversion rates by cohort and calls per lead by cohort

  1. I noticed that our lead conversion rate that came in during the last 2 weeks of March were lower than normal (11% compared to our usual 20%)
  2. I saw that the number of calls to those particular leads was also lower than normal (about 3 calls per lead instead of our usual 5+ calls per lead)

Because those numbers were immediately available on an easy to read graph, it was really clear to us all -- we should go back and make more calls to those leads.

In our daily growth standup, I showed the numbers to the team and they agreed -- we need to go back and call those leads some more.

But, we don't want to call every single one of the leads -- some of them were not qualified, or already had been called a bunch of times.

So, in Sales Rep Scorecards, we found just the good ones to go after.  Sales Rep Scorecards measures lead response automatically, so I could filter down to just the leads that came in during the 2 weeks that I care about, and also sort them based on the number of calls and emails they've received.  

We found quite a few leads that had a couple of emails sent to them but that hadn't been called.

Calls per lead in a lead cohort


It was simple to get these leads in front of the sales team to go after.  They'll make more dials into these leads, and produce more demos as a result.  My reps are happy because these are overlooked, but high quality leads, and they'll be able to get some more demos on the board with them.  

And I'm happy because we spend advertising dollars to generate these leads.  So, every lead we generate that doesn't get worked fully is money wasted. 

That's all folks -- it was pretty easy!


Sales Rep Scorecards Can Help You 

Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is the fastest and most powerful way to give your sales leaders (at all levels) the visibility they need to maximize the value of leads and improve sales performance.  We crunch the data so you can focus on crushing your numbers. 

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Gregory Keshian

Greg is COO and Co-Founder at Rekener. Greg’s career has been focused on using data to grow recurring revenue businesses. Before joining Rekener, he served as VP of Operations at ZeroTurnaround, where he built its strategy and operations practice, ran customer success and renewals, helped to grow and coach its high-velocity sales organization, and optimize its marketing efforts. Prior to that, he ran the BizOps and marketing functions for the AVOKE call center analytics business, a SaaS company within BBN Technologies. He got his start using data to improve sales and marketing efforts while at AppNeta. Greg is also a member of the Revenue Collective.

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