Real Time Networks Enhances HubSpot CRM Reporting with Sales Rep Scorecards

Real Time Networks uses Sales Rep Scorecards with HubSpot CRM to deliver Sales Rep Scorecards and advanced product-based reporting.

Real Time Networks and Sales Rep Scorecards

Real Time Networks offers a range of key control systems, modular asset lockers with content surveillance, and custom-built real time location solutions for keys, assets, and people.

Real Time Networks (RTN) uses HubSpot CRM to log sales activities, keep track of deals, and record sales, including sales by product line.  Gabrielle Ple is RTN’s Sales Operations Manager. Gabrielle’s job is to help RTN grow their business effectively and efficiently by using data to provide strategic recommendations.  She is also tasked with providing reporting visibility to senior management.

Gabrielle needed visibility into two key areas in order to drive the RTN business forward:

Real Time Networks works with Rekener to do product-based reporting with HubSpot and enable sales managers with Sales Rep Scorecards

Product-Based Reporting

A key part of RTN’s business is growing and expanding sales in each of their product lines.  In order to grow their sales by product, the management team needs visibility into sales performance and trends to date.  They also need an accurate, up-to-date forecast by product. 

Gabrielle was not able to produce the product-level reporting she needed out of HubSpot.  Her only workaround was to export data to spreadsheets, spend the entire day manipulating it to produce the calculations she needed, and then send it off to management.  There were major issues with this process:

  • Too time consuming

  • Could only be done weekly, so the data was not real-time

  • Not scalable -  Spreadsheets would break and need to be re-built when new products were added

Gabrielle implemented Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards to automate her product reporting using HubSpot data.  Sales Rep Scorecards provide product-level reporting that is

  • Automated

  • Always up to date

  • Scalable - only needs to be built once

Automating Real Time Networks' product report has saved sales operations about 8 hours per week.

Additionally, using Sales Rep Scorecards, RTN has also been able to see historical sales and forecasts by product broken down by sales rep and by account.  This helps RTN plan their technical resources and staff in order to respond to customer demand. 

Sales Rep Scorecards

Real Time Networks also improved their data-driven sales coaching by using Sales Rep Scorecards.  By implementing scorecards for each of their reps, RTN now has a 360 degree view of the performance of each of their reps.  Previously, RTN was using reports out of HubSpot, but they did not provide the comprehensive view that Sales Rep Scorecards is able to provide.

Sales Rep Scorecards put each rep’s KPIs in one place.  Additionally, managers can see how each rep stacks up against their peers across key business KPIs. RTN can also incorporate company targets and goals to Sales Rep Scorecards, giving managers visibility into whether reps are achieving their goals consistently.

Real Time Networks uses Sales Rep Scorecards to enable data-driven sales managers with HubSpot CRM data.

In addition to the diagnostic data points mentioned above, Sales Rep Scorecards also give management an easy way to do inspection into each sales rep’s book of business. During 1-on-1s, management can look at every component of a rep’s business.  This includes:

  • Overall forecast broken out by stage

  • Deals owned, across multiple pipelines

  • Companies the rep owns, and activity levels in each account

  • Leads owned by each rep and data on how leads are being followed up with

Using Sales Rep Scorecards has allowed Real Time Networks to gain the visibility they need into product-level trends and forecasts.  They’ve also allowed RTN to improve their sales performance management and coaching. According to Gabrielle, 

Gabrielle Ple, Sales Ops Manager at Real Time Networks, "I highly recommend Rekener for any company looking to enhance their reporting capability.  The possibilities are endless and the support we have received so far is superior!"

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Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is the fastest and most powerful way to give your new sales managers everything they need to become great at data-driven sales coaching.  Investing in better coaching and a goal-directed playbook will generate significant improvement in your sales results. The return on investment is big. 

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