Helping B2B Crack the Code on Recurring Revenue: Rekener Closes Second Seed Round

Helping B2B Crack the Code on Recurring Revenue: Rekener Closes Second Seed Round

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently closed our second round of seed financing in the amount of $1.75M. Funding in this round was provided by existing investors Pillar, Accomplice, Founder Collective, and our terrific angel investors.

Rekener was founded in 2016 to help B2B businesses maximize recurring revenue and empower the BizOps teams that make it happen. As BizOps leaders in our prior lives, the founding team shared the same frustration: There’s an operational disconnect between goals that drive business value — such as annual or monthly recurring revenue and account lifetime value — and goals based on volume of activities that drive our sales teams every day. As Rekener founders, we wondered:

What if you could align everyone on the go-to-market team around a holistic view of data showing which are your best accounts? That way, you could invest sales and marketing resources to drive the goals that matter.

We started out in 2016 with $3.2M in seed funding with the support of Pillar, Accomplice, and Founder Collective, along with a great group of angel investors. We’ve accomplished a lot in just one year:

  • What I’m most proud of are the relationships that we have built with our customers, all innovative B2B companies who’ve shared their recurring revenue challenges — and their data — with us so we could help them improve their strategies for landing smarter, expanding, cross-selling and renewing accounts. By automatically integrating data from marketing automation, Sales CRM, customer usage, and helpdesk platforms into a single operational platform, the Rekener Account Control Center gives teams an unprecedented holistic view to help them focus sales and marketing resources on growing the lifetime value of the best accounts.

  • We established the Strategic BizOps Community, and we’ve been blown away by the amazing response. BizOps leaders are becoming just as critical to B2B revenue growth as the traditional sales and marketing functions. The emerging Strategic BizOps Community is a group of people in marketing operations, sales operations, FP&A, and customer service & success, as well as other BizOps roles. Through live meetups, webinars, research, and a blog, we share ideas and perspectives to help members explore ways in which they can contribute to their company’s success. The next meetup is on October 17. We’ll see you there.

  • We grew our management team beyond our five co-founders — myself as CEO, CTO Dave Casion, CMO Stephanie Fox, COO Greg Keshian and Chief Architect Alek Mesarovich — to include Chief People Officer, MJ Langlais. MJ brings a wealth of expertise to the team and will make a massive impact on our ability to bring on new talent in the months and years to come. Over the last year, we’ve added incredible talent to our development team and have just begun to develop our growth team. We’re hiring, by the way

  • We’ve expanded our board of directors to include Anthony Deighton, Senior Vice President of Products at Qlik, a business intelligence provider. We’ve also established a board of advisors featuring Lou Shipley, CEO of Black Duck Software; Stephen Hallowell, VP of Sales Operations and Enablement at Mulesoft; Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Customer Success at Toast; Chris Brookins, VP of Engineering at HelpScout; Bryan House, former Chief of Staff to the President of Acquia and now Entrepreneur in Residence at Underscore VC; and David McNeil, VP of Global Partner Program & Strategy at Hubspot. This talented team of advisors has been a force multiplier for Rekener.

This latest round of funding will help Rekener continue to do what we do best: listening to our customers, creating simple yet powerful solutions to give them better visibility into accounts, and empowering BizOps and Sales leaders to maximize recurring revenue.

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Alex Laats

Alex is CEO and Founder of Rekener. Previously, he served as President and COO at ZeroTurnaround and as President of the Delta Division of BBN Technologies. At ZeroTurnaround, he grew high velocity inside sales by 6x in 3 years. At BBN, Alex co-founded RAMP and AVOKE, both recurring SaaS businesses based on BBN's world class speech recognition and natural language processing tech. Alex started his entrepreneurial career as founder and COO of NBX Corporation, which led the transformation of business telephone systems to Voice over IP. Alex’s companies have generated $500M in liquidity events and more than $1B in sales.

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