Launching the Google Sheets Integration for Rekener

Google Sheets Integration with Rekener

We’re very excited to announce our newest integration - with Google Sheets!  Rekener users can now connect any of their Google Sheets to Rekener, to quickly and dynamically upload custom data alongside their sales rep and account data from their CRM, as well as their web visit, support ticket, and product usage data.

What can you do with it?

The Google Sheets integration is a great way to get data that typically lives in spreadsheets, into an app that updates dynamically with data from your CRM and other go-to-market tools.

Here are some use cases for using Google Sheets with Rekener:

  • Connect sales rep quotas to the Sales Rep Scorecard app via Google Sheets, to see rep performance over time against their quota.

  • Connect sales rep skills assessments to the Sales Rep Scorecard app via Google Sheets.  This allows you to see how reps are rated for their skill, right alongside their actual performance.

  • Use data that doesn’t fit easily into Salesforce / HubSpot, and organize it by account or by rep.  If there’s any data you are currently tracking by hand in a spreadsheet… that’s exactly what we are talking about!

How does it work?

You can use your Google Sheets data in any Rekener app -- Sales Rep Scorecards, ABM, Customer Success, or anyplace else!

Just create a Google Sheet that has one row for every different measurement you want to collect.  For example, if you’re pulling in sales rep targets, you just need one row per rep for every different date that you want to put in a target for.  So if you’re uploading monthly opp generation and demo targets, you just put in one row for each rep for each month, and put in their demo / opp gen targets for that month.

Then you connect your sheet to Rekener, and it will automatically show the data alongside your accounts and sales reps.

When you add a new row of data to the Google Sheet, it automatically gets pulled into Rekener - nothing else needed!

Try it out

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Gregory Keshian

Greg is COO and Co-Founder at Rekener. Greg’s entire career has been focused on using BizOps to grow recurring revenue businesses. Before joining Rekener, he served as VP of Operations at ZeroTurnaround, where he built its BizOps practice and team. He did the same for the AVOKE call center analytics business, a SaaS company within BBN Technologies. He got his start in BizOps for recurring revenue businesses while at AppNeta.

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