How to Create a Scoring System for Sales Reps

How to create a scoring system for sales reps

In my previous post on Why You Should Be Scoring Sales Reps, we covered the importance of coming up with a scoring system for your reps. In this post we will dive into how to come up with a system that drives the right activity for your business.

Scoring Reps - Where to Start

When creating a scoring system, start at the top and work your way down. Almost every company has a sales quota for each rep.  Start with that. Let’s say for example that there is a company where each rep has an annual quota of $500,000.

Starting with that overall target, the next step is to select the business metrics that build up to the target. For this example, we’ll use opportunities created, demos set, and sales activities as the business metrics to score.

Using Historical Sales Data

The key to creating an effective scoring system is to look back at your historical data to determine what your conversion rates are. In the example we’re using, let’s say the average deal size is $10,000. That means a rep would need to close 50 deals a year to hit their annual quota.

We now can break quota down into activity metrics. We know a rep must close 50 deals a year to hit quota. Looking historically, we find that we close 25% of the opportunities created. This means a rep must create 200 opportunities a year to win 50 and hit quota.  That means our opportunity target is 17 opportunities a month per rep (200 opps per year / 12 months).

The next step is to break down those opps into a number of demos required. Looking again historically, we see that 50% of demos scheduled turn into opportunities.  So we know a rep must schedule 34 demos a month to get the opportunity goal (34 demos * 50% conversion = 17 opps).

The last thing we need to account for is the ratio of how many sales activities it takes to get a demo scheduled. Let’s say that number is 50, so a rep would need to make around 1700 sales activities a month to schedule 34 meetings (1700 / 50 = 34 meetings).

Scoring Ratios

Now that we know our conversion rates, we can put together a scoring system. We know that

  • 50 calls results in 1 demo

  • 2 demos result in an opportunity.

We want to use those ratios in our scoring system.

With those ratios our scoring would be the following:

  • Sales Activities = 1 point

    • Sales activities are the lowest level metric, so we will set them to 1 point

  • Demos = 50 points

    • It takes 50 activities to produce a demo, so demos are worth 50 points

  • Opportunities created = 100 points

    • It takes 2 demos to produce an opp, so opps are worth 2x as much as demos

How to Implement Your Scoring System

Implementing a scoring system like this can be time consuming.  Often, it requires pulling data and manipulating it inside of Excel. Sales leaders don’t have time for that, so if don’t have a dedicated sales analyst you could be out of luck.

Thats where Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards come in!  Sales Rep Scorecards make it easy to score your activity metrics and display scores dynamically views that sales managers make use of as they coach their team. You can see scores over any period of time, for any rep or team of reps. Best of all… the data updates automatically, no need to ever pull anything out to Excel!  Check out a sample screenshot below.


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  4. Start a free trial by connecting your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM account.

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